The Wild Frontier

Last week Frontier Airlines, the fossil-fuel-burning, tarmac-hogging, government-subsidized, crony-capitalist transportation company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: RJET), declaerd itself to be, and we quote, “the official airline of The Wilderness Society.”

Yes, sports fans, it’s true:

Frontier Airlines Partners With The Wilderness Society

by Businesswire (A Berkshire-Hathaway Company), April 12, 2023 [here]

DENVER-(BUSINESS WIRE)-In further support of the communities in which it flies, Frontier Airlines is pleased to announce a partnership with The Wilderness Society, a leading public-lands conservation organization working to protect wilderness and inspire Americans to care for our wild places. Frontier Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: RJET), will serve as the official airline of The Wilderness Society and support its ongoing efforts to protect America’s great places.

Frontier’s partnership with The Wilderness Society will support wilderness and wildlife protection in communities across the United States, including areas within the White River National Forest region of Colorado, the San Gabriel Mountains in California, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, among others.

“Frontier is more than an airline with animals on its tails, we are a Company with an intense passion for the communities we serve and a real responsibility to help protect the incredible wilderness habitats our guests travel to each and every day and in which our ‘spokesanimals’ call home,” said Bryan Bedford, chairman, president and CEO of Frontier Airlines. “We are so pleased to work together with The Wilderness Society in their effort to protect the nation’s wilderness and inspire people to connect with these great places.”

“The partnership between Frontier Airlines and The Wilderness Society enables people to experience first-hand nature’s treasures,” said William H. Meadows, president of The Wilderness Society. “Together we can protect the places we love by connecting people to iconic American landscapes that sustain Frontier’s ‘spokesanimals’.” …

Frontier will support The Wilderness Society through financial contributions, creative fundraising efforts and employee volunteerism. …

Evidently the chairman, president and CEO of Frontier Airlines is too busy polluting the friendly skies to realize the wilderness is a pernicious and destructive myth:

* the land has been home to human beings for many thousands of years

* real human beings, not wild savages

* real human beings have modified landscapes across the continent for sustainable survival

* real human beings made this continent into productive homelands millennia before Frontier Airlines started ripping off travelers and taxpayers

* wilderness designation means humanity is excluded, traditional stewardship terminated, and catastrophic fires ensue

* No Touch, Let It Burn, Watch it Rot wilderness policies are actually bad for wildlife, including “spokesanimals” — killing real and cartoon creatures and incinerating their habitat

* The Wilderness Society is already dripping with cash and doesn’t need any of Frontier’s excessive profits

* When the next holocaust destroys umpteen “wilderness” acres and burns into town, it would be karmic justice if Bryan Bedford’s home burns down.

* Because, among other justifications, Bryan Bedford’s home is built of materials which were once raw and harvested from productive resource lands, something he despises now that he is as rich as an oil sheik

* when Bryan Bedford decides to forcefully evict and ethnically cleanse hundreds of millions of acres, and burn those acres into moonscape wastelands, he is actually doing grave harm to people who might otherwise have had the wherewithal to fly occasionally on Frontier Airlines but now are bankrupt and losing their homes

It is clear. Bryan Bedford wants to tango. Fine with me. Happy to oblige.

Please BOYCOTT of Frontier Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: RJET)

If you love this country; if you don’t want it destroyed in holocausts by the nabob urban elite; if you respect your fellow humans and human heritage; if you value stewardship, wildlife, water, recreation, scenery, and other natural renewable resources; if you value your home and neighborhood;

then please BOYCOTT Frontier Airlines.

Do not fly on that lunatic carrier, do not own stock in them, and encourage your friends to BOYCOTT and reject them utterly.

Bryan Bedford makes too much money as it is. So does William H. Meadows. Those pigs are living in Fat Land while they promulgate absurdist lies that lead directly to megafire catastrophe, racism, economic deprivation, rape by fire of the landscape, and abandonment of human heritage and stewardship of multi-millennial vintage.

Let us now bankrupt Frontier Airlines and drive Bryan Bedford and his family into the gutter. That’s what Bryan Bedford wants to do to you and your family. Turnabout is fair play.

Frontier Airlines belongs in the economic dumpster, the trash bin of history. Let them burn in Chapter 11. See how they like it. It’s what they want for you — what’s good for the goose must be good for the klepto-aristocrat ganders.

Global Warming and Communism

You have to give the Commies points for honesty. They hate capitalism and blame capitalism for everything bad, so naturally glooobal waaarming is a capitalist plot, too.

The latest red eruption comes from noted Communists Jack Trevors [here] and Milton Saier [here], Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor respectively of Water, Air, & Soil Pollution (WASP), An International (peer-reviewed) Journal of Environmental Pollution.

Although Jack and Milton are nominally (purported to be) microbiologists, they forayed into Marxist economics in their recent joint editorial in WASP [here]. Some excerpts:

These human-designed systems include our financial and economic systems—whether they be capitalistic, socialistic, or communistic, for example. Some societies may be more prone to one of these options than others. Thus, the capitalistic systems of economy follow the one principal rule: the rule of profit making. All else must bow down to this rule. For this reason, a capitalistic system cannot be expected to provide for its citizens without strictly imposed regulations on the capitalistic system itself; the owners of industry yield to their specific selfish interests—usually short term—without thoughts about the greater good of humankind or long-term planetary sustainability.

The current USA is an example of a failed capitalistic state in which essential long-term goals such as prevention of climate change and limitation of human population growth are subjugated to the short-term profit motive and the principle of economic growth.

So why has the USA failed so miserably to act in the interests of the common good? The answer lies at the human root of capitalism. The existence of human-caused Global Warming is an established fact with no evidence to contradict the basis for its occurrence. And the theoretical basis was established over 50 years ago! …

We believe these values can also be cultivated through education. They certainly will not result from the yielding to the greedy interests of profiteers! …

Just lovely. It warms me all over to hear yet another pair of trough sucking government functionaries rail against capitalist profit. How much better off we all would be if we embraced Communist LOSSES in all our endeavors. Personal, corporate, governmental, and pan-national bankruptcy are such wonderful things to aspire to.

Note that the the TSPEC (Trough Sucking Public Employee Class) reacts violently when their taxpayer victims (aka greedy capitalist profiteers) suggest that TSPEC-ers pay some small percentage of their own pensions and benefits out of their own personal capital. Heaven forfend! Time to riot in the streets.

The authors ask, “So why has the USA failed so miserably to act in the interests of the common good?” and answer their own rhetorical question, “The answer lies at the human root of capitalism.”

Capitalism has failed to provide for the common good? It certainly provides for Jack’s and Milton’s, and a few billion other folks, while Communism has succeeded only at murdering a hundred million people or more, and starving an equal number to death. The human roots of mass murder are not particularly sustainable or non-polluting, as the evidence plainly demonstrates. For some reason microbiologists failed to observe all that phenomenal blood-letting, though. They spend too much tine peering through microscopes and not enough time burying victims of Communist excess, evidently.

Obviously the correct response to such deep truths [sarc] from WASP is to SEIZE the capitalist assets of the editor authors. Commandeer their private property. They don’t want it, they recommend against owning it, and so it is fair game to whomever wants it. Jack and Milton and their overly large families can sleep under a bridge, a communist bridge, and forgo the failed comforts of our failed national experiment in failure-prone capitalism.

WASP is a journal that has jumped the shark. Time to seize their capitalist assets, too.

You’ve got to love this illogic: “The existence of human-caused Global Warming is an established fact with no evidence to contradict the basis for its occurrence. And the theoretical basis was established over 50 years ago!”

Except it’s not a fact, no matter how old the theory is, and all the evidence contradicts it. The theoretical basis for communism was established 160 years ago, and the evidence of its failure abounds, and yet the authors still believe in it, too. The adherence to junk theories, whether economic or environmental, seems to be a persistent trait of the TSPEC.

Some folks think Marxism has infiltrated university social sciences only. Nope, the infection has polluted every discipline, including real sciences such as microbiology.

Lysenko lives!!!!

Note: special comrade salute goes to Wm. Briggs [here] for the red tipoff.

Roadside Fuels Management Shut Down on the Los Padres NF

A roadside fuels project on the Los Padres National Forest (LPNF) was enjoined on March 4, 2011, by United States District Judge Lucy H. Koh (Northern District of California).

The project, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), proposed the clearing of flammable vegetation within ten feet of either side of approximately 750 miles of USFS roads within the LPNF.

An eco-litigious group, Las Padres ForestWatch [here] appealed the project. The Preliminary Injunction decision is [here].

Judge Koh noted that the LPNF failed to produce an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or an Environmental Assessment (EA), but instead relied upon a Categorical Exclusion (CE) from NEPA review.

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) allows the use of a CE when proposed actions “do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the human environment”. EIS’s and EA’s are required when “extraordinary circumstances” indicate that ” a normally excluded action may have a significant environmental effect.”

LPNF Supervisor Peggy Hernandez had determined in 2009 that no such “extraordinary circumstances” were evident, based on the findings of the LPNF staff biologists. Judge Koh disagreed. From the decision:

Defendants argue that the Forest Service performed an adequate level of scoping in internally reviewing the Project’s potential environmental effects and in determining that the Project was subject to a “Road Maintenance” Categorical Exclusion. Under these circumstances, Defendants continue, no public notice, no interested party participation, and no interagency consultation was required. The Court does not agree. …

The relevant regulations do not dictate a specific type or amount of scoping and/or public participation. In connection with the challenged Project, however, Defendants allowed for no public input and no interagency consultation in evaluating the environmental impacts of the Project. This behavior flies in the face of the goals of NEPA scoping, which demand an “early and open process for determining the scope of issues to be addressed and for identifying the significant issues related to a proposed action.” See 40 C.F.R. § 1501.7; see also 40 C.F.R. § 1506.6, “Public Involvement” (requiring all federal agencies to “[m]ake diligent efforts to involve the public in preparing and implementing their NEPA procedures.”). In this case, there was no scoping notice (or notice of any kind) prior to the Project’s approval as a Categorical Exclusion in September 11, 2009.

The LPNF failed to go through the proper procedures. The stimulus monies (ARRA) were to be spent as quickly as possible, and the LPNF rushed into the project. They screwed up.

On the other hand, clearing vegetation for ten feet on either side of a forest road is a pathetically minor treatment. It is not going to impact the environment, except to make the roads passable in case of fire.

The LPNF has a fire problem. A megafire problem. In 2007 the LPNF hosted the Zaca Fire (240,000 acres). In 2008 they enjoyed the Basin/Indians Fires (244,000 acres). They also were the source of the Gap Fire (2008, 9,443 acres), the Tea Fire (2008, 1,940 acres, 210 residences destroyed), the Jesusita Fire (2009, 8,733 acres, 80 residences destroyed), and the La Brea Fire (2009, 89,500 acres) among many, many others including the Marble-Cone Fire (1977, 178,000 acres).

Three of those fires are on the all-time Top Ten largest fires in California state history.

The eco-litigious Plaintiff, Los Padres ForestWatch, claims to care about fire and fuels management, but their actions belie their words. They also claim to care about “spiritual” sites of Native American tribes, but they are clueless about traditional land management with anthropogenic fire. The Los Padres ForestWatch officers and staff are exclusively white liberals with an emphasis on lawyers [here]. Their partners are the usual pro-holocaust anti-human eco-litigious mainstays [here].

It is difficult to see anyone in this courtroom drama who actually gives a sh*t whether the LPNF explodes into more severe and extremely destructive megafires or not. The Defendants, Plaintiffs, lawyers, and judge are all blithely uncaring about the prospects of further catastrophic incineration of the LPNF.

They are all holocausters. Burn baby burn. Responsible stewardship, based on historical and traditional methods for historical and traditional purposes, is not on their radar screens.

The taxpayers fund them all, though. The taxpayers pay for the government functionaries, the judges, the lawyers, and the fires. The taxpayers get robbed and then the taxpayer’s land is destroyed. It’s a catastrophic annihilation for profit scheme. All the players are in on it.

The solution set is not simple. A host of robbers, arsonists, and kleptocrats need to be subdued first. Cutting off the funding to all them is not an easy task, nor would that necessarily result in better land management. It’s a place to start, however.

Nat Res Agency Consolidation a Dumb Idea

A bill to consolidate 10 Oregon state natural resource agencies was heard in a legislative committee yesterday and got panned by all comers. The 1,117 page bill has more worms than a bait store. The estimable Bear Bait takes aim at the bill following the news blurb below.

Plan would consolidate Oregon’s natural-resources agencies

Testimony during hearing skews toward opposition

by Henry Miller , Salem Statesman Journal, Mar. 1, 2011 [here]

A proposal heard for the first time Tuesday would put 10 of the state’s natural-resources agencies under one roof, statutorily if not literally.

About the only consolidation that was in evidence at the hearing about Senate Bill 521 was that a majority of people who testified opposed it.

“It’s appropriate to have a conversation. … I’m hopeful that this discussion is fruitful,” said its sponsor, Sen. Bruce Starr, R-Hillsboro, in opening the testimony before the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. Members of the House Committee on Energy, Environment and Water sat in.

Under the provisions of the 1,117-page bill, the Oregon departments of Fish and Wildlife, Parks and Recreation, State Lands, Land Conservation and Development, Geology and Mineral Industries, Water Resources and State Forestry would be abolished, along with the positions of the agency directors and the commission members overseeing them.

The sweep also would include the Land Use Board of Appeals, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and the Forest Resources Institute.

All those functions would be consolidated into one state mega-agency, the Oregon Department of Natural Resources under the authority of a single director and a nine-member Oregon Natural Resources Commission.

The director and commission members would be appointed by the governor.

The concept was opposed by groups as disparate as Trout Unlimited and the Oregon Farm Bureau. … [more]


More Harm Than Good

by bear bait

The Sen. Star bill to consolidate the natural resources state oversight into one super agency is a bad plan. My lifetime experience is that the only meaningful outcome is creation of one or more higher levels of compensation for the new administrators with all this new landscape to manage, with the former heads of agencies staying on in their same capacity but now reporting to a grand political appointee and his subaltern minions who manage from his/her headquarters.

The whole of the process becomes even more political as the Governor is the driver in the deal. The ability for the people in power, the Governor’s appointees, to hide, cover up, ignore is magnified, and the paper trail becomes more convoluted as administrative rules are created anew to bamboozle the tax-paying public for some supposed economy of scale and money saving, all the while adding additional layers of bureaucracy that will negate any tax savings as those tend to disappear with business and jobs.

And don’t think Super Agencies will create a simpler, easier path to understanding between the fops with no money on the table who wish to regulate every decision made by private citizens for some idealistic and Edenic vision of how the world should be. Lawyers will expose that in a heartbeat. And lawyers will be the winners of such a consolidation. The Attorney General will have to hire more lawyers, and the private side of litigation will prosper as well.

One of the pots of gold in this thing is the ODFW Federal share of the Pittman-Robertson fund and the Breaux-Wallop fund, the first from sales of guns, ammo, and hunting gear, and the latter from the sale of fishing gear and appliances, both excise taxes at the Federal level that are to be distributed by formula to the States. Once that money is in the new Natural Resources Administration budget, where it gets spent and on what will be the old “under which walnut shell is the pea?”

This is one of those Republican big business is better ideas but it comes with the same baggage, and those are the ones of responsibility, economy, transparency, pure political power and influence. This kind of government action is the further concentration of natural resource decision making in the centers of urban power, and the people who actually own and live on rural lands are left out, even more so than now. It is the tyranny of the urban majority flexing its muscles to squash rural Oregon even more.

The Lottery will be involved, as well as income taxes, and I suppose a vast array of fees, and the budget process to fund the agency will have effectively neutered the Legislature in that process because it will take full time legislative oversight to find under which shell the pea is currently hiding. The Super Agency will have plenty of hires to hide peas, as that will be their full time jobs. I can’t imagine that the Legislature making its job impossible is a good governance strategy.

Is there not a state constitutional problem with the State Land Board, which is the Gov, the Sec of State, and the State Treasurer? How does that play out? And water resources? Is that an issue that needs urban dominance? Does the revenue from the Lottery to Parks still have validity under a Super Resources Agency? Too many structural problem and too much money to solve them, and the solution will further diminish rural influence over rural property, livelihoods, lifestyles, custom and culture.

In short, this is a bad bill and should surely be a non-starter. Squashed, as it were. Not again see the light of day.

I am sure that many believe growing government in the name of consolidation is not the answer. I have seen it with two municipal and one rural fire department merged in Indep-Monmouth-SE Polk Rural. All three fire chiefs still had jobs and no pay cut. A new chief was appropriately paid more. We lost rural volunteer stations as the new chief made more demands on volunteer time. Three urban stations were closed and a super station, not equal as far from all they cover, was built. Response times grew. More full time EMT and firefighters had to be hired. Now it takes three or more rigs to respond to a fender bender. There were no savings. And the poorest of citizens ended up the furthest away from responders. Funny how that works out.

We saw it with school consolidations. And we see the results of what happened where consolidation was not approved. Those are those magnificent small school districts with vastly superior results in Eastern Oregon. In the Valley the promise was more sports, more activities, and a greater academic menu. The reality is that the property taxes from the rural areas were greater than what it cost to educate the rural kids, and in the end all they got for their money was a bus ride, fewer days in school, social stress, fewer activities due to distance and the bus rides being cut due to budget constraints. All a big lie, where the rubber met the road.

In my lifetime I have been through this kind of consolidation many times and in the end, all you get a huge poorly run agency instead of maybe one of a half dozen poorly run. Does Marla Rae really need a bigger job? That is what we would get. The same old worn Democrat hacks fouling their nest again with more money at stake. There are not enough large hearing rooms in Oregon to hold a hearing for an agency like that. And you do wonder if the head of such a deal would wield more power than most elected officials, and what would that mean in the long term?

State government in Oregon is broke. Creating a monster agency which will plough through money like a D-9 cat will be a indecipherable puzzle for legislators to deal with, and that maybe is the Governor’s intent. I don’t know. I do know that bigger is not always better. I do know Carl Ichan is not in charge of government in Oregon quite yet. I do know that I, as a citizen, will NOT be better served by growing government, the power of a new super agency, and my concerns will fall further into the cracks of a dispossessed citizenry.

All you have to do is watch the mindless weather disasters as reported by the Portland television stations, the mindless coverage of an inch of snow, to know that the urban mindset is easily swayed by stupid proclamations and events. No matter the voting power of the urban majority, to let them hold sway across the whole of Oregon is a bad, bad, bad deal. You do have to possess a lick of common sense to survive in the urban world, and that is evident in urban Oregon today and in their representation in the Legislature.

I am sure that Sen. Star has some sort of idea of better management, but evidently he has not had much interface with that enhanced agency kind of governance. I think about the statewide radio system fiasco where neither the Legislature nor the Administration in Salem did anything other than cover up layer upon layer of mistakes and poor judgment; about Jane Cease and the DMV computerization fiasco (my Visa from the Credit Union works, instantly, every time — why does the State of Oregon NEVER get a good deal on technology? Too many cooks at the pot? Too many political appointments of dubious abilities?); the CIM and CAM fiasco from the centralized Oregon Department of Education; etc. etc., and I wonder how large and utter the failures of a new Natural Resources Super Agency would be?

After all, I am a former public land dependent mill and logging employee, and I see how big Federal agencies are hamstrung, hog-tied, and absolutely unable to function, while forests burn, economies die, and critters go extinct. Do you REALLY think that making an Oregon Super Natural Resource Agency would have a BETTER outcome? Seriously? A bad idea. Good intentions, but a bad idea. The unintended consequences of such a move would have huge and debilitating results for the private sector, do more harm than good, and certainly doom Oregon to a permanent state of economic doldrums.

27 Feb 2011, 4:04pm
Climate and Weather Useless and Stupid
by admin
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Chill Out at the Oscars

And the Oscar for Most Deluded State goes to… California!


Yes, sports fans, the illusions of Tinsel Town have been swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the most gullible citizens in human history, Californians. Tonight, while they freeze their buns off, the Beautiful People will weep crocodile tears about glooobal waaarming, something that is manifestly NOT happening in California.

Freeze their buns? Affirmatory — as reported in the La La Times:

A cold Oscar night on tap as frost warnings issued

By Sam Allen, Los Angeles Times, February 27, 2023 [here]

For Oscar Sunday, the rain and snow of the last few days will give way to clear skies, with temperatures remaining cold. Forecasters said those on the red carpet and at the Oscar parties should have temperatures in the 40s.

The cold weather closed the Grapevine due to snow and ice overnight. But Sunday morning, the California Highway Patrol began escorting vehicles along Interstate 5 again.

A frost advisory was in effect in some mountain and high desert areas, with officials warning of temperatures in the 20s this morning — cold enough to kill plants and crops.

On Saturday, Burbank, Glendale and Studio City were some of the areas that saw flakes of soft hail or snow pellets, according to weather reports. The precipitation was part of an unusual weather system that flowed south from Canada and dropped snow and rain across much of the state. [emphases added]

How unusual is the weather system? Not very. In fact, it’s par for the course and likely to show up ever more frequently in the future. That’s because California has been cooling off unsteadily for the last 30 years!

From the National Climatic Data Center, Climate Services and Monitoring Division, Climate At A Glance [here]

Winter (Dec-Feb) Temperatures, California, 1980-2010, with trend line.
Winter (Dec-Feb) 1901 - 2000 Average = 45.60 degF
Winter (Dec-Feb) 1980 - 2010 Trend = -0.41 degF / Decade

That’s right, sports fans. Winter in CA has been getting colder at the rate of -0.41°F for 30 years! That’s an accumulated drop of -1.23°F. And the chill down is expected to cool even more over the next 25 years, driven by the PDO shift.


Look for blue lips, goosebumps, and faux fur coats on the red carpet tonight!

What is amazing about Hollywoodia is that the denizens are completely blind to their own weather. Despite the FACT that CA has been cooling off for 30 years, the Chic Set are fabulously ALARMED at how much warmer it isn’t.

Proof? The Academy gave Algor an Oscar for his craptastic movie, An Inconvenient Lie. The Congressrodent from Hollywood is Henry “Mouse” Waxman, the author and bottlewasher of the Waxman-Malarkey Glooobal Waaarming Hysteria Bill.

The CA Legislature and Governator Ahnold enacted AB32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which sets up a carbon offset market (despite the corruption and subsequent bankruptcies of carbon markets in Chicago and Europe [here, here, here]). California voters had a chance to reject AB32 last November, but Proposition 23 failed 60% to 40%.

Yep sir, sports fans, CA voters suckered under to their own glooobal waaarming Ponzi scheme by 3-to-2, even though California has been cooling for 30 years!!!!! And subject to electricity brown-outs already as the principal target of Enron before it collapsed in the largest bankruptcy in history. But they WANT to huddle in the cold and dark for no rational reason.

Is that delusional or what?

Never underestimate the capacity of Californians to self-delude. They are the champs of hubristic mass insanity in the modern era. If they see it on TV, it must be real, and damn their own lying eyes and frozen buns. Plastic fantastic sparkly phoniness trumps reality in CA every time.

Look for lips stuck to frozen statuettes tonight as the winners kiss their economy good-bye. In CA, if it feels good, do it, even if it’s the nuttiest thing imaginable.

Note: special tip of the faux fur hat to Ken S. for suggesting this post

The Decline and Fall of Forest Science

The failures of the environmental sciences in our day and age are not confined to climatology. Universities and forest research institutions have squandered $billions pursuing the wrong answers to the wrong forest science questions.

The decline and fall of Western forest science can be traced back to the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s when rigorous application of the Scientific Method was abandoned along with most of the prior advancements of the 20th Century. And after 50 years of substituting mythology and political ideas for scientific ones, the forest science establishment has hit rock bottom.

Nowhere is the incompetence of modern forest science more striking than the current fad of blaming non-existent “global warming” for every forest phenomenon large and small. Case in point:

Researchers cite climate change in forest decline

AP, the Washington Examiner, 02/19/11 [here]

Aspens and white pines in the West will face worsening devastation because climate change will make them more susceptible to diseases and bugs, including an infestation of bark beetles that has already killed some 33,000 square miles of forests, researchers say.

Jim Worrall, a U.S. Forest Service plant pathologist who studies aspen deaths, told a conference Friday that “overwhelming circumstantial evidence” indicates climate change has left aspens stressed and vulnerable. …

White pines, common in Montana and parts of Wyoming, aren’t as resilient and have begun to fall victim to bark beetles because warmer temperatures allowed the bugs to move north, said Diana Six, professor of forest entomology and pathology at the University of Montana.

Previously, they were protected by temperatures too cold for bark beetles, but when temperatures rise, the trees have few defenses, Six said. …

Phillip van Mantgem, a research ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, said 87 percent of old growth stands that he and others on a research team are monitoring have shown increasing mortality rates, and that the rate doubled in the past 18 years.

“The ultimate cause behind it is probably warming,” van Mantgem said. …

Former Vice President Al Gore addressed the conference, defending climate researchers from criticism about their motives, the Aspen Daily News reported.

“I hear from some quarters that the scientists who are presenting this information to us are interested in making money and that they are making stuff up and hyping it in order to get research grants,” he said. “It is an insult to these men and women who were on this stage today.” …

The problem with all those theories are that they are demonstrably false. Winter temperatures in Colorado have been falling for 20 years.

From the National Climatic Data Center, Climate Services and Monitoring Division, Climate At A Glance [here]

Winter (Dec-Feb) Temperatures, Colorado, 1992-2010, with trend line (1901 - 2000 Average = 25.36 degF).

Note that average winter temperatures in Colorado have been below freezing in every year on record since record keeping began in 1895. Over the last 20 years winter temperatures have declined -0.76 degF per decade. In January 2011 (last month) the average temperature was 23.4 degF, one-tenth of a degree below the 1901-2011 January average and 2 degF below the 1901-2011 winter average.

Winter temperatures in Colorado have not changed significantly over the last 115 years, and they have fallen slightly over the last 20 years, the very period that the researchers above cite as so warm as to cause aspen to die off, beetle infestations to irrupt, and old growth stands to experience increased mortality.

Al Gore presents a strawman argument. Some “quarters” allegedly claim that Colorado forest scientists are “making stuff up” for mercenary reasons, according to Al (who, by the way, has made over $100 million on carbon trading and other global warming alarmism scams).

But Colorado forest scientists are not making up aspen decline, beetle epidemics, or old growth mortality increases. Those phenomena are occurring. No one disputes that.

What Colorado forest scientists are fabricating are bogus theories as to why those things are happening. They blame global warming, and specifically increasing winter temperatures in Colorado, but there have been NO increases in said temperatures.

Colorado forest scientists posit a causal link between something that has not occurred (winter temperature increase) and forest decline phenomena. If the causal factor does not exist, it cannot cause anything.

That’s basic science, indeed basic logic, upon which the Scientific Method relies. Colorado forest scientists might as well say that little green men from outer space caused Colorado forests to decline.

Wait, you say, there are no little green men from outer space. You are correct. Likewise there has been no winter temperature increase. The latter is as imaginary as the former.

Science seeks to understand cause-and-effect phenomena based upon measurable factors that exist in the real world, not on imaginary myths and illusions that do not exist.

The real world foundations of science are extremely important. Without them science becomes a fairy tale, an exercise in fiction, a joke, a waste of time, money, and effort.

If science is done by staring at the blank walls of a cubicle in some institution and making up imaginary folk tales without basis in the real world, then it is not science at all.

We pay people to do exactly that, however. We place them in cubicles in institutions and pay them to make stuff up whole cloth, and call it “science”, and to make presentations at conferences in Aspen alongside politicians, and to give off airs as if they were doing real science, and walk around and tell journo-listas that they are scientists, and generally hoax the place up.

Meanwhile forests continue to decline, and the “scientists” have no more of a clue why than your average wino living in a dumpster, who unfortunately does not get paid the big bucks to make up fanciful tales whole cloth. I say unfortunately because your average wino is an expert at delusion, self and otherwise, and would be as good or better at it than your average forest scientist in a cubicle in an institution.

Wait a second, you say, if you’re so smart tell us why forests are declining.

What? For free? On a free blog accessible by anybody (well, perhaps not by the wino in the dumpster)?

For your information, that’s exactly what we have been doing at W.I.S.E. for 3+ years. Maybe you haven’t been paying close attention.

One thing is for sure, we haven’t been offered any paid vacations to Aspen to present non-imaginary facts about forest decline. Which, by the way, has nothing to do with imaginary global warming.

Forest science is not dead. It hangs on in remote locales like W.I.S.E. But it is reeling and gasping for breath in the USFS, the University of Montana, the USGS, and other establishment government institutions.

What those outfits produce is nothing like science. It’s demonstrably false gibberish masquerading as science.

Irony Update

This item is almost too ludicrous to post. The most tampering Sec DOI ever, the plutocrat who brought us Magic Wilderness, Spotted Foul, Gulf Spoil, Monument-al Surprise, the GloWarm Hoax, Wolf Dodging and countless other bastardizations of pseudoscience, has declared a “scientific integrity” policy. It’s a wonder he didn’t choke on his own doubletalking forked tongue.

Salazar Announces New Scientific Integrity Policy and Designation of Departmental Science Integrity Officer

DOI Press Release, February 1, 2024 [here]

Washington, D.C. – Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced the establishment of a new policy to ensure and maintain the integrity of scientific and scholarly activities used in Departmental decision making. The policy follows on the Memorandum to the Heads of Departments and Agencies on Scientific Integrity issued in December [here] and includes the designation of a Departmental Science Integrity Officer.

“Because robust, high quality science and scholarship play such an important role in advancing the Department’s mission, it is vital that we have a strong and clear scientific integrity policy,” said Secretary Salazar. “This policy sets forth clear expectations for all employees — political and career — to uphold the principles of scientific integrity, and establishes a process for impartial review of alleged breaches of those principles.” … [more]

Tampering With Science

In a previous post we noted the Christmas “order” by Ken Salazar to declare 200+ million acres of the BLM Empire “wilderness” [here]. And we noted that immediately thereafter the BLM followed through and declared 11,000 acres of Mendocino County, CA, to be Designated Wilderness [here, here].

And we noted that the BLM had determined “scientifically” that the 11,000 acres had magically transformed from a cultural landscape, occupied by human beings for 10,000+ years, into untrammeled wilderness in five short years. From the BLM press release [here]:

The area was designated as a potential wilderness area by the 2006 Northern California Coastal Wild Heritage Wilderness Act. This interim designation provided time for the BLM to assess and, if necessary, restore 1,565 acres of private lands acquired for public ownership shortly before the Act’s passage. The Act required that the area be designated as wilderness once conditions were compatible with the Wilderness Act, or no later than five years after the Act’s passage.

The BLM determined no additional restoration of the Elkhorn Ridge area was necessary as the area had naturally rehabilitated itself over the five years. Consequently, a publication in today’s Federal Register announces that the interim designation has been lifted and the area is now designated wilderness.

We have to ask, what kind of science is that? Some possible answers:

1. BLM scientists are dumber than rocks, or

2. BLM scientists are not stupid but were paid under the table to pervert science, or

3. BLM scientists receive no bribes but were threatened with termination if they did not toe the pseudo-science line.

I suspect #3. I have no proof, just suspicions. I mean, how stupid could they really be? And I doubt they got any reward for perverting science. No, my best guess is that threats, direct or indirect, convinced the BLM scientists to throw up their hands and say whatever.

That’s called “tampering”. Recall that during Salazar’s first days in office as Sec DOI, he threw out the Spotted Owl Recovery Plan because, as he claimed, politicians had tampered with the science [here]. From the DOI press release of July 16, 2009:

U.S. Dept. of the Interior Press Release, July 16, 2023

Interior Withdraws Legally Flawed Plan for Oregon Forests, Presses For Sustainable Timber Harvests

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Because the previous Administration failed to follow established administrative procedure before leaving office, its plan to intensify logging in western Oregon – known as the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR) – is legally indefensible and must be withdrawn, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said today.

Moreover, Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks Thomas Strickland said that the federal government will ask the District Court to vacate the Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2008 revision of the critical habitat for the spotted owl, on which the WOPR was in part based, because Interior’s Inspector General determined that the decisionmaking process for the owl’s recovery plan was potentially jeopardized by improper political influence. …

The charge was “improper political influence” in matters of science. The science was tainted because politicians had unduly “influenced” scientists. That charge was made not just by Salazar, but by Obama’s Dept. of Justice [here]. In March 2009 Obama himself issued a Presidential Memorandum calling for “restoring scientific integrity” [here].

That is why today, I am also signing a Presidential Memorandum directing the head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to develop a strategy for restoring scientific integrity to government decision making. To ensure that in this new Administration, we base our public policies on the soundest science; that we appoint scientific advisors based on their credentials and experience, not their politics or ideology; and that we are open and honest with the American people about the science behind our decisions. That is how we will harness the power of science to achieve our goals — to preserve our environment and protect our national security; to create the jobs of the future, and live longer, healthier lives.

Can you say “snow job”? Obama’s Memorandum was utter crap. He didn’t mean it; he meant just the opposite. No Administration in history has tampered with science more than Obama’s. Case in point: magic wilderness, where under pressure from politicians BLM scientists flushed their scientific integrity down the toilet.

Some might say, well, that’s okay because the important thing is Obama has “protected” these special lands. It’s just white lies, for a higher purpose.

Except that the magic wilderness areas are NOT protected. They will erupt into catastrophic fires that will be Let Burn and will destroy all the environmental values therein. And those fires will leap across legal boundaries and destroy farms, ranches, homes, and businesses far away from the magic wildernesses, and even burn right into cities. It’s happened before. It will happen again.

That’s not “protection”; it’s wholesale destruction.

The tampering, the lies, the phony science all have real world consequences. Bad consequences. Death and destruction consequences.

The Obama Administration has declared war on America [here].

The BLM scientists should be ashamed of themselves. How could you? What did America ever do to you that you would cast your integrity aside for bellicose and belligerent purposes? Why have you perverted science in an act of war upon your own nation? We understand the corruption and extreme animosities that smolder beneath the surface of grasping politicians. What we don’t understand is why you have joined with them in support of their insanity.

22 Jan 2011, 1:43pm
Climate and Weather Useless and Stupid
by admin
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Did Global Warming Impact the Sunrise?

Silly Science Dept.

A goofy alarmist dire report at Huffington Post is making headlines today: Did The Sun Rise 2 Days Early In Greenland? Global Warming May Be Cause [here].

The unnamed HuffPo author(s) claim, “As icecaps melt, the horizon sinks down as well, which makes the sun appear earlier over the horizon.”

As if the Greenland ice cap melted so much last year that the first sunrise of the year above the Arctic Circle is peeking over a lowered horizon.

Sorry, sports fans, but that’s complete bunkum. The HuffPo article cites Live Science’s Strange Claim: The Sun Rose 2 Days Early in Greenland [here]

That article clearly states:

…”In a nutshell, there can’t be a change in the true sunrise, because that would require the Earth-Sun orbital parameters to change,” said John Walsh, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Fairbanks is located about 1 degree of latitude south of the Arctic Circle, far enough south that it does not completely lose its sun in winter, and this year the sun has followed its typical pattern in Alaska, he said.

“No changes here,” he said. “We would have heard about it.”

Walsh and other scientists agreed there is absolutely no evidence of a shift in the tilt of the Earth’s axis or any other change that might alter the arrival of the seasons around the globe.

An atmospheric illusion?

Other causes can be ruled out, including the effect of the approaching leap year in 2012, since in and around leap years, the sun is slightly lower in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere around Jan. 11, according to Thomas Posch, of Austria’s Institute of Astronomy.

The most likely possibility was the refraction of sunlight at the horizon, he told LiveScience in an e-mail. Most of the other scientists interviewed agreed this was the most likely culprit. …

It is unlikely that the melting of the edge of the ice sheet would change the timing of the first sunrise, because the ice is east of the town, while the sunrise would take place almost due south. …

Get that? The ice cap is in the wrong place. The sun does not rise over the ice cap in the town of Ilulissat. Nor has alleged global warming altered the orbit of the earth around the Sun. The HuffPo dire report is bogosity in the extreme.

What really happened? Dr. S.E.Hendriksen, Greenland resident and scientist explains:

Nothing can surprise a Viking - living North of the polar circle - it’s a well known phenomenon called refraction [here] (the physical optical explanation). When you have a inversion layer of cold air at surface and the air is warmer higher up you can sometimes see a mirage.

Vitus Bering [here] wrote about it in his log-book when he was navigating the North West passage. The sun rise (after the dark winter period) came several days before the almanac predicted.

The best example is from a small settlement north of Umanaq which saw a sunrise 6 days before the almanac prediction.

It happens every day north of the Polar Circle. As a weather observer in Kangerlussuaq, I see it every winter, because of the cold air falling down from the Ice Cap pressing the hot air upwards. When you have cold air in the bottom of the fjord in Kangerlussuaq and the hot air some 1500 feet above, the mountains in the horizon change.

If hot air sits above the cold air it changes the refraction index, and the sun becomes visible, even if it’s below the horizon. If hot air is in the bottom layer (opposite inversion), then the sun will appear to sink below the horizon even if it is above it.

It is NOT a mystery, it’s a physical optical law. Several so-called “experts” don’t have the slightest clue about what is going on.

Well, nothing new about that!

Magic Wilderness Implications

The redoubtable bear bait makes an important observation [here] that everyone should study intently.

The BLM has invented a new legal and quasi-ecological concept, that of “natural rehabilitation”. In the case of the new Elkhorn Ridge Designated Wilderness, a mere five years of no (or reduced) human activity on 11,000 acres of ranches, homes, timber harvest tracts, etc. was enough “natural rehabilitation” to turn an area of Mendocino County CA into “primeval character and influence, without permanent improvements or human habitation, which is protected and managed so as to preserve its natural conditions and which… generally appears to have been affected primarily by the forces of nature, with the imprint of man’s work substantially unnoticeable.”

In just five years a working landscape transformed naturally into primeval wilderness. That is, according to the experts at the BLM.

So when the supremely tamperistic Ken Salazar declared [here] that he would “restore balance and clarity to the management of public lands by establishing common-sense policy” by designating “appropriate areas with wilderness characteristics under its [the Dept. of Interior's] jurisdiction as ‘Wild Land’ and to manage them to protect their wilderness values”, he meant every single acre of the 245 million acre BLM empire.

After all, if five years of “natural rehabilitation” is all it takes to restore primeval character, erasing the imprint of man, then every acre is a mere five years away from being wild as a goose in the wind.

The inconvenient fact that human beings have been living on and imprinting North America for 10,000+ years is moot. It’s as moot as a dead duck. All the BLM has to do is put up a gate, lock it, and five years later presto! it’s wilderness.

Congress is also moot. What difference do they make?

And the science of Ecology is also moot. Wilderness is a state of mind, not an actual condition, or else Mother Nature is magic and with a wave of Her wand, bingo! it’s wilderness in five short years or less.

La, la, la. Merrily we skip down the garden path. Only it’s not a garden anymore, it’s wild wilderness, untrammeled and unimprinted.

Detroit, you’re next.

Jerry Moonbeam Proposes to Burn Down California

Only days into office, retread CA Goober Jerry Moonbeam has proposed cutting the Cal Fire budget.

Governor proposes firefighting shift from Cal Fire to local agencies

By Paul Rogers, The San Jose Mercury News, January 16, 2024 [here]

The proposed budget Governor Jerry Brown rolled out this week contains significant changes to California’s environment — from closing some state parks to dropping a program that pays big landowners to keep their property undeveloped.

But perhaps none may prove to be more significant than Brown’s recommendation for major changes to the way California battles wildfires.

His plan calls for reducing firefighters on Cal Fire engine crews from four to three — back to staffing levels that existed before massive wildfires charred the state in 2003. It also would shift to cities and counties a significant amount of Cal Fire’s fire fighting and other emergency-response responsibilities. … [more]

Well, I guess the voters get what they vote for. Who better to destroy the Land of Fruits and Nuts than a fruity nut?

Bust a Fistprint For Karl Marx

Gear up fellow proletariat masses, “former” Communist and ousted Obama Administration “Green Czar” Van Jones [here, here, here] is coming to Portland to give a free public lecture Jan. 25 about “Beyond Green Jobs: the Next American Economy” sponsored by the Oregon Humanities Center at the University of Oregon. The lecture starts at 5:45 p.m. at the White Stag Block, 70 N.W. Couch Street.

This latest Pipples Revolutionary Shindig was announced by the taxpayer-supported Climate Justice League. Their motto is: “At the end of the day, it’s not about your carbon footprint. It’s about your carbon-busting fistprint!”

I am not kidding. Go see for yourself [here].

Just another day in the Pipples Democratic Republic of Oregon.

Destroying History With a Vengeance

The US Forest Service has an unfortunate habit of destroying historical structures, on purpose, with glee, even though the structures are on (or qualified for) the National Register of Historical Places.

It happens all the time, mainly in association with “used” wildfires, but also as stand-alone acts of official arson.

Last summer the USFS burned up numerous cabins in the historic Kimberly Mining District of Utah. The weapon used was the Twitchell Canyon Whoofoo Fire [here, here, here, here, here, here], which ignited in July and was Let Burn until it blew up in September. Besides shutting down the Interstate and a key powerline corridor, and eventually costing $18,000,000 to suppress, the Twitchell Canyon Government Arson Project wiped history off the map.

Nothing new about that practice. In 2008 the USFS burned up historic cabins and lodges in Wyoming during the Gunbarrel Let It Burn Monstrosity Fire [here, here, here, here], with typical officious impunity. Good riddance to history said the obsequious functionaries.

It is tough to top the Payette NF, however, when it comes to deliberate arson. They lie, cheat, and sneak around in the middle of the night with drip torches deliberately setting private property on fire. Hard to believe, but absolutely true. Ask any resident of Yellow Pine or Warren, Idaho.

Just recently the Payette NF Gang decided to incinerate yet another cabin, the Bill Timm Cabin in Roosevelt. Yellow Pine resident Scott Amos explains [here]:

According to Krassel District Ranger Anthony Botello, the USFS directives require the Payette National Forest to “reduce our inventory” of historical structures. I.E., BURN BABY BURN!!!! Apparently through any means necessary, and without regard for the Antiquities Act, National Historical Preservation Act, or the will of the American people!


The official USFS archaeological report, required to comply with the National Historical Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA 1966), states the following:

1) [Falsely] The cabin was built in 1969, therefore is not eligible for entry into the National Register of Historical Places and will be destroyed (by USFS rangers).

2) [Falsely] The man who built it, Bill Timm, who died in 1963, reportedly did not build his cabin until 1969!

3) [Correctly] Shows a picture of Bill Timm (as a VERY old man) posing for a newspaper reporter in front of his cabin that he built, dated 1950!!! According to people who knew Bill Timms, he would have been in his 80s in 1950. If he died in 1963, he would likely have been in his 90s. And, the USFS account that he was able to build the cabin sometime around 1969 is simply OUTRAGEOUS!

The Krassel Ranger District burned up their own Work Center in 2007 during the phenomenally egregious Summer of Holocaust in central Idaho [see photos here, a collection of 30+ posts here].

Once upon a time Payette NF functionaries trekked to a stream below an old mine and poured a bottle of cyanide into the water. Then they “tested” the water, found high levels of cyanide (surprise surprise!) and blamed it on leachate from the mine. Hard to believe, but absolutely true.

Destruction in the name of “preservation” is standard operating procedure for the US Forest Service. And not just in backwaters like Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. In Southern California the wackos have coddled tick brush, which they call “old-growth chaparral”, forbidding any fuel reduction treatments. Said tick brush frequently explodes into fatal holocausts like the Station Fire [here, here, here, here] and the Cedar Fire (which burned 3,241 homes and killed 16 people).

Now the Gadarene destructionists, led by geriatric Goober “Moonbeam” Brown, want to declare SoCal National Forests as “wilderness” to ensure bigger and more destructive holocausts in the heart of their largest cities.

Hard to believe, but absolutely true.

The list goes on and on. Toxic “environmentalism” is more than a disease, more than a religion — it is a full frontal assault on civilization and humanity fomented by liars, cheats, and thieves.

But you already knew that.

22 Dec 2010, 11:56am
Useless and Stupid
by admin
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Wind, Solar, Ethanol Net Energy Balance Negative

Note: It takes more BTU’s of natural gas, petroleum and/or coal to manufacture so-called “renewable” energy than the BTU’s produced by windmills, solar cells, or ethanol farms. The equation is negative. It requires more fossil fuel to produce a BTU of “renewable” energy than if the fossil fuel was burned directly in power plants or cars. Renewables do not save oil; they waste oil. Ironic, isn’t it? — Editor

by Gordon Fulks

While it is easy to predict that our electric bills will rapidly double with the current push for large amounts of renewable energy to replace the tried and true power sources we presently use, the real issue is what are we getting for our money?

First of all, how can we be certain that the present course we are on will double our bills? That’s easy. “Renewable” sources have a wholesale cost per kilowatt-hour that is many times that of conventional sources like hydro, coal, natural gas, or nuclear. If only a tiny fraction of our generating capability comes from these “renewable” sources, then the effects on the ratepayer will be the relatively minimal increases so far. But as soon as legislators force power companies to expand from one or two percent to ten or twenty percent coming from extremely costly sources, watch out. Electric bills have to increase greatly or the power companies will go broke. Legislators can hide some of the pain by shifting a fraction of the burden to taxpayers, but the public will quickly figure out that taxpayers and ratepayers are the same individuals - us! In other words, the crazy mandates for extremely expensive power will take a huge toll on our society and destroy our once substantial competitive advantage of cheap power here in the Northwest.

But let’s ask for a moment if we are getting something for all the money we are spending. One of Bill Bradbury’s aides admitted to me that Global Warming might be a hoax, but argued that we are justified in continuing with it because of all the wonderful changes it is forcing in our society. Presumably, windmills, solar cells, and ethanol were high on her list of wonderful accomplishments. But all of these are energy and economic disasters for us.

Here’s why:

All energy takes some energy to produce. Let me call this ‘overhead.’ It takes energy to drill an oil or natural gas well, additional energy to pump or truck what comes out of the ground to a refinery, still more energy to refine the crude into useful products and transport it to market. But the whole process produces a vast amount of net energy, as well as a vast amount of high quality energy. That means we get somewhere with such an undertaking, because our overhead is relatively low.

But as even Al Gore has discovered, we get nowhere with ethanol made from corn. It requires about as much high quality energy to produce as we ever get out of the inferior product. You might as well just burn the natural gas and diesel fuel directly and shutdown the elaborate process that is today converting these into ethanol. That would also help reduce our food prices, which have risen dramatically as a consequence of the diversion of a significant fraction of our corn crop to fuel production. That has had devastating consequences in the Third World which has long depended on our U.S. agricultural surpluses. The UN World Food Program estimates that a billion people now go hungry thanks to our very misguided ethanol “experiment”.

Solar cells are a similar boondoggle, but [perhaps] without the horrendous social consequences. It takes about as much electrical energy to manufacture silicon solar cells as will ever be returned by them over their typical twenty year lifespan. In some applications, the use of high quality energy (electricity) to make more high quality energy is justified, if the solar electricity is extremely valuable. Satellite applications are a good example. But if solar cells merely replace grid power, then they cannot be considered high quality power, because they do not produce electricity when the Sun is not shining. That gets us into the issue of back-up power which is necessary for all intermittent sources. Hydro and natural gas generating plants work well for back-up, if they have excess capacity. But if new natural gas plants need to be built just to back up solar, then it is very difficult to justify the expense. We would be considerably better off building only the natural gas plant and foregoing the solar.

Windmills are perhaps the worst boondoggle of all because they require much more high quality energy to manufacture, install, maintain, and back up than they will ever produce. And in fact the electricity they produce is far inferior to that from a conventional power plant because it is so erratic. With solar, we can at least depend on the Sun shining most days in appropriate locations. The same cannot be said for wind. The erratic nature of wind places a huge strain on the electric grid, if we expect our power to continue 24/7. Continually bringing huge natural gas or nuclear generators up to speed and then shutting them down just to accommodate the wind shortens their life considerably. The same argument can be made for the large generators used in huge windmills. Substantial environmental problems [bird chopping, extreme ugliness, opportunity costs of other land uses foregone] with windmills also suggest that they are a problem not a solution.

I would hope that our State Senators and Representatives would take the time to learn something about the generation of electricity, because they are forcing changes that even by their standards are a disaster. I say “by their standards” because they are claiming carbon dioxide, energy independence, and environmental dividends that simply do not exist.

With high costs and no demonstrable benefits, we need to abandon this bandwagon in favor of real solutions for our energy needs.

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD
Corbett, Oregon USA

21 Dec 2010, 11:49am
Forestry education Useless and Stupid
by admin

Ecobabble Reaches New Heights

Or lows, depending on your point of view

When is fragmentation just a mosaic? That nonsensical question is pertinent to the 2010 Draft Revised Revised Revised Revised Recovery Plan for the Northern Spotted Owl, which uses both terms depending on the mood of the authors.

Fragmentation is bad, very bad. Mosaics are good, very good. The fact that neither is defined and thus cannot be measured is handy, because for all intents and purposes they are the same thing.

But not to worry. The USFWS plans to model all that blarney sometime in the unforeseeable future. When they get a round tuit.

When they do, the USFWS modelers might find the following ecobabble useful, if “useful” means achieving total obfuscation without any connection to the real world.

Haydon, D. T. and E. R. Pianka. 1999. Metapopulation theory, landscape models, and species diversity. EcoScience 6: 316-328.

Abstract. We construct a model that describes the interaction of multiple metapopulation processes with measures of landscape patch diversity, fragmentary grain, and patch availability. Landscape models corresponding to Voronoi tessellations formulated around two-dimensional point processes are suggested as alternatives to conventional neutral landscape models. A method for creating the configuration of suitable habitat composed of multiple types of patches in randomized landscapes is suggested that utilizes perimeter polynomials associated with classical percolation theory. The landscape models are used to examine the influence of patch diversity, landscape grain, and total habitat availability on two measures of species performance that can be predicted from conventional metapopulation theory: the expected fraction of patches occupied by a species in the landscape (conditional prevalence), and the probability that a species will be represented in the landscape (representation). Results suggest that even when considering mutually non-interactive multiple metapopulation processes, the influence of landscape structure on species prevalence and representation depends in a complicated way on a combination of both species parameters and landscape parameters. Significantly, effects of changes in landscape structure on the distribution of a species cannot be anticipated from its pre-disturbance distribution. Our theory predicts that regional species diversity is maximized at intermediate levels of patch type diversity and fragmentation.

Keywords: Landscape models, multi-species metapopulations, habitat mosaics, Voronoi tessellations

Voronoi tessellations? From Wiki [here]


Let S be a set of points in Euclidean space with all limit points contained in S. For almost every point x in the Euclidean space, there is one point of S closest to x. The word “almost” is used to indicate exceptions where a point x may be equally close to two or more points of S.

If S contains only two points, a and b, then the set of all points equidistant from a and b is a hyperplane—an affine subspace of codimension 1. That hyperplane is the boundary between the set of all points closer to a than to b, and the set of all points closer to b than to a. It is the perpendicular bisector of the line segment from a to b.

In general, the set of all points closer to a point c of S than to any other point of S is the interior of a (in some cases unbounded) convex polytope called the Dirichlet domain or Voronoi cell for c. The set of such polytopes tessellates the whole space, and is the Voronoi tessellation corresponding to the set S. If the dimension of the space is only 2, then it is easy to draw pictures of Voronoi tessellations, and in that case they are sometimes called Voronoi diagrams.

Hang that on your Christmas tree.

Thanks and a tip of the hardhat to SOSF stalwart Alphonzo…

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