1 Jan 2009, 9:01pm
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AGW Alarmist Wacko Reveals Marxist Agenda

James Hansen of NASA took time out from his busy schedule of shouting, “The seas are going to boil! The seas are going to boil!” [here] to write a letter to incoming dimbulb B. Obama. The substance of the chief wacko’s missive: hammer the US with carbon taxes as a “wealth redistribution” scheme.

NASA’s Hansen to Obama: Use Global Warming to Redistribute Wealth

By Noel Sheppard, NewsBusters, January 1, 2009 [here]

Climate realists around the world have contended for years that the real goal of alarmists such as Nobel Laureate Al Gore and his followers is to use the fear of man-made global warming to redistribute wealth.

On Monday, one of Gore’s leading scientific resources, Goddard Institute for Space Studies chief James Hansen, sent a letter to Barack and Michelle Obama specifically urging the president-elect to enact a tax on carbon emissions that would take money from higher-income Americans and distribute the proceeds to the less fortunate.

Dear Michelle and Barack,

…A rising carbon price is essential to “decarbonize” the economy, i.e., to move the nation toward the era beyond fossil fuels. The most effective way to achieve this is a carbon tax (on oil, gas, and coal) at the well-head or port of entry. The tax will then appropriately affect all products and activities that use fossil fuels. The public’s near-term, mid-term, and long-term lifestyle choices will be affected by knowledge that the carbon tax rate will be rising.

The public will support the tax if it is returned to them, equal shares on a per capita basis (half shares for children up to a maximum of two child-shares per family), deposited monthly in bank accounts. No large bureaucracy is needed. A person reducing his carbon footprint more than average makes money. A person with large cars and a big house will pay a tax much higher than the dividend. Not one cent goes to Washington. No lobbyists will be supported. Unlike cap-and-trade, no millionaires would be made at the expense of the public. …

James and Anniek Hansen
United States of America

Let’s all drink Hansen’s Kool Aid! Tax the bejeebers out of carbon and divvy the proceeds equally (half shares to the kiddies). No bureaucracy needed!

Or else the seas will boil!!!!!

We don’t know what Jimmy has been smoking but he ought to share it with the hippies.

One saving grace in this letter: Hansen was careful to inform B.O. that Pennsylvania is in the USA. That saved B.O. the embarrassment of admitting ignorance on the subject. Yep, B.O., PA is one of our 57 states. You might want to bone up on this stuff, seeing as you are going to be POTUS and all that.

Some other choice quotes from Hansen’s letter:

[W]e must reduce greenhouse gases below present amounts to preserve nature and humanity

Coal plants are factories of death.

Burning all the fossil fuels will destroy the planet we know, Creation

Barack’s leadership is essential to explain to the world what is needed.

The End Is Near. The seas are going to boil! James Hansen’s solution: tax to the max and then hand out the money in shares to everybody, not just to Wall Street sharks and corporate bigwigs. Then we can all burn the cash to keep warm, since the power will be shut off.

Meanwhile, in other news, record winter cold seizes the Northern Hemisphere…

By the way, if a colder climate is so desirable, why do all those tens of millions of people choose to live in California and Florida while Alaska is mostly open space? Could it be that most folks secretly (and not so secretly) think that Warmer Is Better?!?!

28 Dec 2010, 10:45pm
by Wildbird

James Hansen should be sent to the clinic for the hopelessly ridiculous. He is out of his mind and stark raving stupid.



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