Karl Marx Despised Private Property

As does our very own U.S. Congress. No matter what those silly Founders thought, the new “progressive” notion is that private property is bad for America.

Witness HR 3534 [here] now wending it’s way through the “process” (in quotes because the Congressional process has been perverted almost beyond recognition by our esteemed Senators and Representatives).

HR 3534 is the Consolidated Land, Energy, and Aquatic Resources Act of 2009. The ostensible purpose of the Bill is to transfer the Minerals Management Service and the Oil and Gas Management program to a brand new sub-secretariat in the Department of the Interior: the new and progressive Office of Federal Energy and Minerals Leasing.

As if shuffling the bureaucracy will prevent oil well blow-outs.

But tacked onto HR 3534 is an amendment to the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act which would make $900 million available from the Fund each fiscal year without further appropriation for the next 30 years!

For those who don’t wish to do the math themselves, that’s $27 billion for federal bureaucracies to purchase private properties and absorb them into the bloated Federal Estate.

How bloated is it, you ask? Here are some stats:

* Total acres owned by the federal government in the United States: 653,299,090 acres

* Total land base of United States: 2.27 billion acres

* 29% of all U.S. land is owned by the federal government

Where federal land is located, by region:

West: 54.1%
Alaska & Hawaii: 38.8%
North Central: 2.8%
South Central: 2.4%
South Atlantic & DC: 1.7%
Northeast: 0.24%

In five states the federal government owns the majority of land within the state border. In these states, the federal government has control over more land than the Governor or the legislature of the state. These “non-sovereign” states are:

Nevada: 84.5%
Alaska: 69.1%
Utah: 57.5%
Oregon: 53.1%
Idaho: 50.2%

In seven states the federal government owns more than one-fourth of all land within the state border. These “semi-sovereign” states are:

Arizona: 48.1%
California: 45.3%
Wyoming: 42.3%
New Mexico: 41.8%
Colorado: 36.6%
Washington: 30.3%
Montana: 29.9%

Of course, once the Fed’s take control of the private property, their practice is to burn it to ashes in catastrophic megafires, converting forests, watersheds, etc. to scorched earth wastelands.

Isn’t Marxism great?

For more on this subject, please see:

The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab

By Cassandra Anderson, MORPHcity, July 21, 2010 [here]

U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) addressed Congress on July 15th to report the Natural Resources Committee’s passage of HR 3534, the Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic Resources Act (CLEAR Act) of 2009. Congressman Gohmert said that the bill was to “deal with the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico” but it contains plans for the federal government to acquire land and was introduced in 2009. …

Congressman Gohmert pointed out that a portion of the CLEAR Act contains a provision for the federal government to spend $900 million a year to purchase private land over the next 30 years, for a grand total of $27 billion dollars over 3 decades. …

Gohmert was incredulous that the federal government intends to raise its purchasing allocations to $900 million a year for the next 30 years and questioned “how in the world does that make sense”? …

28 Jul 2010, 10:57am
by Laurie H

Actually LWCF goes for rehabilitation of city, county and state parks as well as enhancement of current outdoor recreation sites that have been established.

The program is designed that the funds from the program is matched 50%, LWCF does not pay for the entire site development or rehabilitation. So if you like your city, county or state park, this program has given assistance to over 45,000 sites in 45 years of the program.

So this money is not for taking away private lands, the majority is used to rehabilitate and enhance parks, trails, swimming pools, boat ramps, picnic grounds… Now is that taking private lands and turning them into federal lands? Try reading about the program before writing about the program.

Reply: LWCF has assisted state agencies and local communities in the acquisition of nearly seven million acres (28,000 km²) of land and easements. See [here]. Try telling the truth.



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