18 Sep 2008, 6:09pm
by admin

Doubleday Fire

Location: 1 mile S of Butte Falls, Jackson Co., OR

Specific Location: Hukill Creek to Doubleday Creek and S to Salt Creek Access Rd., Lat 42 30 24 Lon 122 33 56

Date of origin: 09/17/2008
Cause: not reported

Situation as of 09/22/2008 1:00 PM
Personnel: 286
Size: 1,275 acres
Percent contained 100%

Costs to Date: $2,671,707

Transition to local Type 3 organization (Simrell - IC) takes place at 1300 hr.

Minimal activity confined to stump holes and larger interior fuels.


Situation as of 09/21/2008 1:00 PM
Personnel: 553
Size: 1,275 acres
Percent contained 95%

Barricades and limited access to the public are still in place. Containment expected to take place at end of shift today. Transition will take place tomorrow at 1300hr. Management of the incident will transfer to a local Type 3 organization.

Moderate temperature and relatively high humidity have created favorable firefighting conditions for holding line and mopping up. Continued consumption of heavy fuels continues where jackpots of blowdown still exist; tree torching and short-range spotting is still possible. Flare-ups and torching has occurred in areas where patchy burning has occurred.


Situation as of 09/19/2008 1:00 PM
Personnel: 628
Size: 1,250 acres
Percent contained 75%

Fire progression north towards Butte Falls has been halted. ODF has laid water hose on perimeter. Cloud cover, lower temperature, and higher humidity provided favorable firefighting conditions.

Fire activity increased overnight in the NE portion of the fire and is expected to contine until line is complete in that portion. Probability of ignition from spots is 40-50%.


Situation as of 09/18/2008 1:30 PM
Personnel: 441
Size: 750 acres (reported, at least 4 sq miles within perimeter)
Percent contained 5%

Fire progressing north, towards Butte Falls. Jackpots of heavy downed material burning actively. Fire has been lined, either direct or indirect. Dozer line constructed on
west side of fire. Hand line and dozer line constructed on east side of the fire.

MODIS satellite images this morning indicate the fire subsided overnight and is no longer progressing toward Butte Falls.


Situation as of 09/18/2008 12:30 PM
Personnel: 169
Size: 600+ acres (~2,400 acres based on Google fire maps at 6:00 PM)
Percent contained 5%

Butte Falls on alert for possible evacuation. 160 residences, school, and 10 commercial buildings threatened.

ODF IMT 2 (Hunt) on fire. S winds pushing fire towards Butte Falls. Burning in heavy fuels, including blowdown and snags, in the Butte Falls watershed. Checkerboard ownership, private and BLM.



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