28 Aug 2010, 11:55am
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by admin

Crystal Let It Burn Fire

Location: 18 mi E of Jackson, Teton Co. WY
Specific Location: near Crystal Peak, Bridger-Teton NF, Lat 43° 30´ 8″ Lon 110° 24´ 16″

Date of Origin: Not listed. Today was the first report on this fire.
Cause: Lightning

Situation as of 10/06/2010 6:00 pm
Personnel: 0
Size: 439 acres
Percent Contained: 0%

The fire received light precipitation and cooler temperatures and higher humidities with a chance of showers are forecasted for the next few days. Fire managers continue to manage the fire for objectives identified in the developed management action plan. There are no trail closures at this time.


Situation as of 08/28/2010 4:30 pm
Personnel: 4
Size: 121 acres
Percent Contained: 0%

Widespread precipitation today


Situation as of 08/27/2010 10:15 pm
Personnel: 4
Size: 120 acres
Percent Contained: 0%

Additional growth to the NW. Continue to monitor the fire with 2 Helitack, assessing the fires movement towards the Crystal Creek trail. Aerial recon as needed and available.

29 Aug 2010, 7:47am
by bear bait

Cadgy use of fire money. “Prepare the roads for future fire use” is USFSese for we have some money to spend with this fire, so we will let the fire fun pay to cut the brush along out roads and meet our line of sight goals, and vegetation encroachment mediation goals. In other words, the USFS is spending fire money to do the work Congress has not funded, or was spent in seminars on how to talk to each other, work graciously with other dummies, not be offended by PDA and other acts of affection by those who are not mainstream folks from Leave it to Beaver….

My wife’s birthday was upcoming and she asked for something ” that “would last a lifetime”, an “enduring gift”, hint, hint…So I got her a set of USFS grader blades….I sleep in the garage now.



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