1 Mar 2010, 2:43pm
Homo sapiens
by admin

EPA Sociologist Plays Race-Sex-Age Card

Sabrina McCormick, EPA Sociologist and IPCC committee member has suggested on her blog [here] that “old white men” scientists should be “passed up because there are new views on critical subjects.”

It’s a bigotry triple play: racism, sexism, and ageism!!!

Questions abound. For instance:

* Why does the EPA hire sociologists? Is sociology a discipline that provides useful environmental science? What do sociologists know about climate science? Is sociology a “science” at all?

* Why does the EPA hire racist, sexist, ageist sociologists in particular?

* Is self-avowed bigotry and prejudice a job requirement at the EPA?

* What percentage of EPA employees are flaming bigots?

* Are expressions of racism, sexism, and ageism now PC when spewed forth from the cake holes of idiot government functionaries?

* Is the entire Obama Administration racist, sexist, and ageist, or is the problem confined to the EPA?

* How much is self-avowed bigot Sabrina McCormick paid by taxpayers to promulgate racism, sexism, and ageism?

* Has this country gone to the dogs or what?



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