Firebombed Old-Growth Forest Photos

Last month the US Government waged an aerial attack on Oregon and our old-growth forests by firebombing them. Over 6,000 acres of heritage forest were destroyed by military-style incendiary bombing.

Yes, I know, it’s completely nuts. But it happened. And now firebombing old-growth is established as the de facto forest policy on Federal lands in Oregon and elsewhere.

Our Congressional Delegation, Governor, and Legislature favor firebombing over other forest management activities, such as responsible stewardship. Firebombing is quick and clean. Just napalm forests. That solves everything. Obomber hates forests, too, but he such a pathetic dead fish that I doubt he even knows he firebombed them. But Obomber’s flunkies know — they planned and executed the bombing with supreme malice aforethought. Teach you peasant scum who’s really in charge.

Way to go, fearless leaders. Don’t worry, I will let all your constituents know about your lust for total annihilation of our forests. You da Man. Bomb baby bomb. Kill kill kill. Do your own voters. Do them but good.

Next up: nuking Oregon forests. Da Man will be Chernobyling Oregon forests next. Fry them to the ground in an instant and leave the ashes to glow in the dark for the next 10,000 years.

Bomb bomb bomb. Kill kill kill. It’s bipartisan. It’s democratic. Vote for your own executioner/firebomber/whacked-out nutball monster forest murderer. No matter who you vote for, your forests are toast.

Photos taken October, 2011 of the Shadow Lake Burn, Deschutes and Linn Counties, Oregon. Click on images to enlarge them.

The last photo is of the adjacent B&B Burn (90,000 acres, 2003) eight years after that fire. Note paucity of vegetation, wildlife, diversity, etc. Expect the U.S. Government to annihilate all Oregon forests in this manner in the near future. That’s the policy. Bomb Oregon forests to hell. Leave nothing alive.

Death to forests. Death to America. It’s the change you voted for. Or not. In any case, duck and cover. Incoming firebombs, courtesy your government.

2 Nov 2011, 10:28am
by Larry H.

Looks like it burned just hot enough to kill almost everything but, not hot enough to reduce any fuels. Wasn’t the original decision to fire off those 6,000 acres to “take fuels away from the fire”?? It appears that they have just set themselves up for another incident that will take another napalming. Before the fire, they were saying that area “needed to burn” but, now that it has burned, why do we have a worse problem, now?

30 Jun 2012, 2:34pm
by Edward S.

You are are clearly misinformed.
1.) I would like a link that proves they burned 90,000 acres. Do you realize thats 144 square miles? That didn’t happen. A burn that size never would have been cleared by anyone.

2.) In the photograph with a “paucity of vegetation,” I can clearly see saplings that have appear to have been replanted by none other than THE GOVERNMENT. You should try to understand what is really going on before you write articles that seem to serve no purpose other than to slander the Oregon Fish and Wildlife department.

Reply: I’m giving you the facts, Ed. They firebombed 6,600 acres last September. It really happened. It was “cleared”.

Previous fires in the vicinity have burned 170,000 acres - that’s 265 square miles. The B&B Fire was 90,000 acres. It was an arson fire that the USFS could have put out but allowed to burn vast tracts. It was also “cleared” by bureaucrats who didn’t ask the public’s opinion — as they are ostensibly required to under the law.

The pictures of the B&B burn show natural seedlings. There was no replanting. You may be relieved that a 500-year-old forest has been replaced by a few seedlings, but I am not.

Regarding your request not to “slander” the government: bite me, Ed. This is America, I’m an American, and I will say whatever I please. I DO understand exactly what’s going on. You are the one in the dark.



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