15 Sep 2010, 10:43am
The 2010 Fire Season
by admin


Too busy to blog. Back soon. — Mike

PS — If you want to write an appropriate essay, go ahead. Send it in. I’ll post it.

PPS — Still tracking fires at WISE Fire Tracking. The Sick Twitch Fiasco Let It Burn Fire has blown up to 17,891 acres [here]. That’ll teach those Utahans a thing or three about complaining about the FEDERAL GOOBERMENT! Burn you whiners out!

15 Sep 2010, 4:46pm
by YPmule

20,862 acres and growing. Hope you are un-busy soon (unless you are having fun.)

Reply: perhaps this would be an appropriate time for you to construct an essay describing your efforts at saving forests and forest-based communities. You could include some photos from your photography staff. People would be very interested in reading your viewpoint…



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