15 Sep 2010, 1:58pm
Private land policies
by admin

Shrooming in Oregon

Correspondent and innovative tree farmer Jose Javier of the Navarre region in Northern Spain asks (in the W.I.S.E. Colloquium: Innovative Tree Farming [here]) about inoculating Douglas-fir with truffles for commercial harvest.

I know that commercial harvest of wild mushrooms of the morel and chanterelle varieties can be a lucrative business here. But I don’t know about truffles.

If you have expertise in these matters and have knowledge you can contribute, please join the discussion [here]. Thank you.

15 Sep 2010, 4:51pm
by YPmule

It can be risky driving into Idaho after harvesting mushrooms in Oregon - friends were handcuffed and in the patrol cars for 3 hours while the troopers tried to decide if these were “funny” mushrooms (tore the “suspects” vehicle apart looking for more “contraband” - took their dog to doggy jail, and no apology when released.)

Other than that, I don’t know much about ’shrooms other than morels come on after the FS lets it burn.

16 Sep 2010, 6:50am
by Larry H.

Years ago, in alt.forestry, there was a regular poster who did truffles thing, apparently successfully in Oregon. I’m sure his name is Dan Wheeler.

Morels are big business and some pickers have “turf wars”, at times. They will break down gates to access new areas every spring. A co-worker accidently locked in at least one picker, and the next morning, the gate was mangled. He decided not to tell anyone but, he secretly chuckled over the fallout that followed.

16 Sep 2010, 9:00am
by Al B

Why would the cops not think it were “contraband” coming off USFS lands? Hell that is all they are producing pot and if there were enough grasslands for poop, the funny ones would not be such a bad guess. However, considering the habitat needed for funny “shroons”, it was dumb as a submarine with a screen door. The rise of the police state. Don’t you just love that?



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