29 Jul 2010, 11:39am
Monkeywrenching forests Useless and Stupid
by admin

The War on the West

There is a war going on right here in America, and I don’t mean the one at the border. Across the West certain powerful special interest groups want to incinerate America’s priceless, heritage forests, watersheds, towns, and cities in order to force the residents off the land.

Driving humanity like cattle is an old motivation, some of which is chronicled in the Bible. Ethnic-cleansing really got going, though, during the 20th Century when such lunatics as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and Pol Pot took genocide to new levels. Those fellows murdered upwards of 100 million people for the purposes of personal political power tripping.

Here in North America we have not been immune to eruptions of genocide. For 500 years, Euro-centrics slaughtered the resident Native Americans, decimating their populations and stealing their land.

For roughly the last 100 years though, Native Americans have been pretty much wiped out and driven onto concentration camp reservations, while other non-Native folks have moved onto their former homelands.

The genocidal impulse is still alive however. The new target of the modern-day American Babylonians are the current, non-Native residents. If you live west of the Mississippi River, you are a target and victim of the new genociders.

No lessons were learned from the hemoclysms of the 20th Century. Forces out there still want to drive people like cattle.

War, by definition, is the takeover of territory by force or threat of force, usually by an armed militia.

Forces in America are currently waging war on the citizenry of the West (in some respects the same war that been going on for 500 years). One side is armed, organized, and as powerful as any empire that has ever existed. The other side are regular citizens, victimized by their own government.

It is an enormous tragedy and travesty. Genocide always is.

The genociders have dozens of excuses for their anti-human behaviors. One big one is the American Creation Myth, which falsely purports that God created the American Wilderness for the conquest of the Euros. It is therefore godly to re-purify the land by driving humanity off it. In fact, America was already occupied and not a wilderness when the Euros arrived, but facts get in the way of myths.

Another Big Lie proffered by the genociders is that wildlife will go extinct if they have to share the landscape with human beings. In fact, wildlife have been sharing the landscape with humanity for at least 13,500 years on this continent, and any extinctions that took place happened way back then. For millennia wildlife and people have co-existed just fine.

Another Big Lie is that human beings have altered the climates of the entire globe, and so we must go extinct to “save” the Earth. That Lie is waning, although the adherents have not given up on it yet. It is just too bizarre and irrational for sane people to swallow.

But the Big Lies are only window dressing. The real motivation is to inflict inhumane suffering on fellow human beings. Genocide is its own reward. The killers take their pleasures from the killing, not the authoritarian Utopia afterwards (which never takes place anyway).

Wilderness, roadlessness, wolf introductions, and the Wildlands Project [here] are all means to promote genocide (or ethnic cleansing, which is much the same thing). But the principal weapon of choice of the genociders is megafire. They love giant fires that destroy vegetation, wildlife, and homes. By scorching the Earth and leaving a moonscape behind, fires make the land uninhabitable (for all living things but especially people). There is no more efficient means of genocide than catastrophic holocaust.

Indeed, the word “holocaust” has come to mean both huge conflagration and genocide.

We have essayed the No Touch, Let It Burn, Watch It Rot policies of our imperial rulers on many occasions. I have attended meetings where the proponents of genocide extolled the virtues of holocaust, in and of itself, with no regard to the destruction and suffering inflicted. I don’t know how to be more frank about the situation than to report the insane babbling of the holocausters themselves.

The Eugene, Oregon-based, Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (FSEEE) first sued the Forest Service (USFS) regarding environmental effects of air-dropped fire retardants in District Judge Donald Molloy’s Missoula courtroom, way back in October 2003. We have discussed that “case” numerously [here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here].

The issue has not gone away:

Judge orders tougher look at fire retardant drops

By JEFF BARNARD (AP), Yahoo News, July 28, 2010 [here]

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A federal judge Wednesday ordered the U.S. Forest Service to take a tougher look at the possibility that routinely dropping toxic fire retardant on wildfires from airplanes will kill endangered fish and plants. U.S. District Judge Donald W. Molloy in Missoula, Mont., ruled that the current environmental assessment is inadequate in light of federal biologists’ findings that fire retardant that lands in creeks and on rare plants jeopardize the survival of endangered species and their habitat.

Molloy did not restrict the use of fire retardant this summer, but in a sternly written order gave the Forest Service until the end of 2011 to do a tougher environmental impact statement. He warned the agency could be found in contempt for failing to meet the deadline and refused to hear further arguments on the issue.

He also sent environmental analyses in support of the Forest Service assessment, known as biological opinions, back to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The judge wrote that they violated the Endangered Species Act by failing to put any real limits on firefighters from calling in retardant drops, despite finding that the mix of water and fertilizer could poison fish and their food and kill rare plants.

Andy Stahl of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, which brought the lawsuit, said half the 20 million gallons of fire retardant dropped by the Forest Service in 2008 was dropped in California, where it has become a public relations display for television cameras that is rarely effective because it is used in windy conditions that cause it to be widely dispersed.

“If a farmer took a 3,000-gallon truckload of liquefied fertilizer and dumped it in a creek, that farmer would be in jail in a heartbeat,” Stahl said. “But when the Forest Service does it, everybody looks the other way because it is a war on fire.”

Millions of dollars go to private contractors to dump fire retardant, Stahl added. “So there is developed a fire industrial complex between the government and these contractors that keeps the money flowing. And it’s led to a quintupling of Forest Service firefighting expenses in the last 10 years.” …

The FSEEE claims that fire retardant kills fish, even though that has never been demonstrated, and even though it has been amply demonstrated that the wildfires themselves kill fish, change the pH of streams, and promote erosion and siltation in streams, which degrade aquatic habitat, aquatic biota, spawning gravels, and fish populations for years.

The banning of fire retardant would certainly handicap the ability of the “fire industrial complex” to stop fires, to save fisheries, and to protect other wildlife, vegetation, soils, homes, towns, etc.

But perhaps the most telling quote in the article is the claim that the Forest Service is waging a “war on fire.” That phrase is regurgitation of the antiwar movement. Anything that can be construed as a “war” is perforce wrong, whether it is a “war” on poverty, illiteracy, drugs, fast food, or even fire.

The only type of war not decried by the genociders is real war, the takeover of territory by force and ethnic cleaning of whole human populations.

That is the goal of those who would ban fire retardant. It is not (merely) the joy and excitement they get from catastrophic firestorms that sweep across forested watersheds and into towns, leaving moonscapes in their wake. It is the effectiveness of fire as a weapon of war. It is the genocidal suffering that fire inflicts.

Make no mistake: there is a real war going on. The purpose is takeover of territory. The “enemies” (more precisely the victims) of that war are the residents of the American West. Just by virtue of their residency and their humanity, Westerners are the targets of the genociders.

War, real war, is not healthy for children or other living things. The war being waged on the West is a real war, and it is not healthy for anything. The most effective weapon is fire, and it is the genociders’ weapon of choice.

This is not the first time we have expressed these sentiments, nor will it be the last, because we seek to end this war before any more suffering is inflicted. The best strategy we can come up with is to educate people about what is happening. If you have a better strategy, let us know.

29 Jul 2010, 1:42pm
by YPmule

Photos from a recent fire (3 homes lost) - in some of the photos you can see the red line of retardant is where the fire stopped. From this link is one to video from the airplane, you can see the precise retardant drops.


29 Jul 2010, 1:53pm
by John M.

Retardant has been used for at least forty years as an effective support tool for firefighting, and in all my years associated with wildland fire, I have yet to hear of its use eliminating any endangered plant or animal. Yes, there have been mistakes made and in rare instances damage has taken place, but never for long and never without recovery. As to the damage caused by fire, look at the infamous Biscuit Fire; retardants weren’t the problem, but rather the problem was the massive 500,000 acres of land turned black. Early use of air attack with retardant, had it been available, likely would have stopped the fire until firefighters arrived

Mr Stahl’s accusations about the use of retardants in California is news to me. I would be interested in his source of valid information to back his statements. I would say his level of on the ground firefighting experience and knowledge is somewhat limited.

29 Jul 2010, 7:27pm
by Al B

Destruction is never a profitable enterprise. However, America is either actively participating in playing in this symphony of destruction or completely asleep under its hypnotic rhythm.

The dribble pushed as science and used as the basis for policy in this nation is completely preposterous propaganda.

30 Jul 2010, 7:57am
by Scott A

Thanks for yet another good article. How very right you are.

I was on the phone with the Krassel District Ranger yesterday, July 29, at about 4 p.m., asking him not to burn historic cabins.

We got on the subject about most of the Payette being “destroyed” by fire, he got very upset and started telling me how it wasn’t “destroyed” but how the USFS had used fire to “repair” the forest. I wonder if the millions of living creatures that died in that fire feel “repaired?” Did the endangered ones especially, get any less “endangered” or threatened?

Back to the subject of cabin burning. I reminded the district ranger how common I have witnessed them kicking 80 year old men out of their cabins to burn them down. He started telling me “how good for the economy” destroying roads and people’s houses were. And how good for the nation it was.

I asked him to remove the part about “To Serve People” from the USFS slogan, because it is false advertising.

He is the leader of that entire ranger district? Please remember I am agnostic when I say “God help us.”

30 Jul 2010, 8:47am
by bear bait

I have the perfect illustration of a retardant line from a rimrock down the hill. On one side is the black of fire, and on the other is the grey green of living vegetation, split down the middle by a red line.

It is disingenuous for an outfit calling itself an adjunct of USFS employees when it is really just another EAJA-financed green litigation center. The FSEEE folks are all about burning the wild, in order to keep man out of it. Land use by incineration. Management by destruction. But mostly people haters. They just hate human beings. Hate them. Want them gone. By any means.

Retardant is a tool. A very handy tool it is. Like foam, it does not put out fires but slows them down to where a line can be built and controlled. The old airborne wet blanket.

Evergreen Aviation in McMinnville, Oregon, has a 747 remodeled into an air tanker for retardant drops. One big mutha of a drop, or several drops along an active front. You would think that a plane that big would not be nimble enough or able to fly low enough. Until you have seen the black B-52s from Mountain Home flying in the ONI country, below radar just off the ground, you don’t know how low big planes fly to carry out a mission. I have looked down from a rim to see a B-52 flying by. Below me. A very ominous thing to see, one of those black giants going by below you.

Retardant use can help gain control of a fire. Of course, that is not the objective of FSEEE. They DON’T want fires controlled, let along put out. So they judge shop the hell out of their lawsuits, and Molloy in Missoula is the judge de jour for a good outcome for the green lobby. Mr. Wolf ESA and other havoc on the landscape is his specialty.

W.I.S.E. notes that there is a war on to drive people from the West. Indeed there is, and has been for a long time. ELF tried to burn out a mink farmer who had quit minking six months ago. Their intimidation, constant threats of arson and mayhem, drove the guy out of business, and still they tried to burn him out. If you thought barn burning was a Faulkneresque tale of the intolerant South, you are ignorant yourself. Burning people out, barn burning, equipment burning, is a favored tactic of the terrorists of the West, the al Qaeda of the Environment, the night fighters from the long line of trust puppies and liberal land grant universities and their hangers on. The unwashed, True Believers of academia and the environs of the university, the realm of sloth and laziness and aversion to real work, think their way to order the world is to burn people’s means of making a living. That is a threat to all not of their ilk. That they have Federal judges to help them is worrisome.

2 Aug 2010, 12:11pm
by Mike

The latest [here].



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