Forest Killers Sue Again

The pro-holocaust “Death to Forests” crowd has struck again.

Groups sue over forest logging plan

By Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune, May 27, 2023 [here]

Two conservation groups are suing the Lewis and Clark National Forest for the second time in two years over plans to burn and cut timber in mature forest.

The Ettien Ridge Fuels Reduction Project, planned 22 miles south of Stanford, was approved to reduce the threat of wildfires and protect homes, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Missoula, the Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Native Ecosystems Council state that the project will destroy old-growth forest habitat used by elk and goshawk, a large hawk the state lists as a species of concern.

Now that’s a honking Big Lie. The thinning will save old-growth, whereas the holocaust that will happen if no thinning is done will kill old-growth.

The holocausters follow the old nazi adage: repeat the Big Lie often enough and the masses will succumb to the brainwashing. Just like Hitler’s propagandist Joseph Goebbels, the Death to Forests propagandists spit out their Big Lies to cover up the truth — their goals are to destroy forests, destroy habitat, and destroy society in the process.

You see, it is their fellow man whom they truly hate and to whom they wish to inflict suffering and death. Burning down forests are merely the means to that end.

The Ettien Ridge Fuels Reduction Project on the Judith Ranger District of the Lewis and Clark National Forest has been planned, and those plans documented, to the nth degree. You can read those documents [here].

The project is heartbreakingly small, a mere 1,731 acres. Mechanical thinning will be done on only 641 of the acres adjacent to Sapphire Village and Utica, at-risk communities within the wildland-urban interface. The purpose of the Ettien Ridge Fuels Reduction Project is to save lives — the lives of residents, of firefighters, and of wildlife. Reducing fuels will modify fire behavior so that raging crown fires will not kill everything and everybody.

But the Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Native Ecosystems Council make their money by suing the Federal Government. There is a giant pot of gold waiting for holocauster lawyers called the Equal Access to Justice Act. The EAJA was set up by nutzoid Congressoafs to reward extremists for monkeywrenching. $Billions upon $billions have been drained from the Federal Treasury into the pockets of grasping lawyers who will litigate at the drop of a hat.

Even tiny projects like the Ettien Ridge Fuels Reduction Project, designed to prevent disasters and save lives, are repeatedly litigated — at huge expense to the taxpayers because we pick up the tab for all the lawyers, plaintiff counsel and defendant counsel alike.

The lawyers are in it for the dough. They don’t care who or what gets killed by their nonsense. The lawyers can’t tell a pine tree from a fir tree and will not be anywhere close by when the firestorm rages through the forest and adjacent communities.

For that matter, the Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Native Ecosystems Council don’t care who or what their actions kill, either.

Nor does Congress give a hoot, either. They set it up for holocausters to rake in your money for monkeywrenching the US Forest Service. Congress hands out your money to a select few political insiders. Their notion is that by looting the wealth of America, by graft or by holocaust, this country is served. We elect mafiosos, moonbats, and Maoists; what do we expect them to do?

Meanwhile a handful of sue-happy holocausters are running amok. From the GF Tribune article above:

The alliance and ecosystem council also filed a lawsuit against the forest in 2008 over a 345-acre timber sale near White Sulphur Springs, citing concerns over wildlife habitat. That thinning project was meant to reduce the spread of mountain pine beetle. The forest later withdrew the project.

In April, the alliance and ecosystems council successfully appealed a plan by Lewis and Clark National Forest to burn and log 763 acres of forest in the Benchmark Road corridor, west of Augusta. That project was proposed to reduce the threat of fire to cabins and the intensity of future wildfires.

These are dinky projects. If they were clearcuts they would have no real impact. But they aren’t clearcuts — they are healthy forest thinnings. They cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to plan and prepare. Then they cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars to litigate (paying for both sides and the judges). Then the projects aren’t even done. It’s all a game to bleed the taxpayers dry.

Then the firestorm comes through, kills every last tree and creature, jumps the legal boundary and burns private lands all the way into town, homes are destroyed, people choke to death, and we all pay for that, too.

What a way to run a country!

2 Jun 2010, 2:49pm
by bear bait

Study goshawk biology, and you find that the bird favors more open forests because there has to be light on the ground to provide the forage for their prey species. On the other hand, a Coopers hawk will find the more dense forests more to their liking because they and sharp shinned hawks are preying more on arboreal birds than ground prey.

Like spotted owls preferring a more dense forest in which to forage, the reason is security and safety from great horned owls, who are looking for meat of any kind, ground hugging to tree toppers, and other owls and hawks are just as tasty as a rabbit or a grouse. An owl doesn’t have a chance with a goshawk. The most egregious loss of established and documented goshawk winter habitat was the Egley Fire on the Malheur NF four years ago. In November, a birder could see maybe a dozen birds a day, as they flew in from the Arctic north to winter in that open ponderosa pine forest. The security of canopy cover is gone from a couple hundred thousand acres of winter habitat. If goshawks were a species of concern, the USFS would have made an intense effort to fight and suppress that fire. Instead, they did what they now do with ease and regularity: drop back a few miles and set a backfire. If the wind changes, the back fire ends up bigger than the fire being fought and all too many times, they never meet as a backfire is designed to do. The “amateur hour” overhead teams from afar are now doing more harm than good. Better if the Florida and other Southeastern Overhead teams go sop up oil and stay east of the Mississippi.

Seral stage development favors different species as the progression of succession moves through time. Having it all burned in one or two decades does not promote diversity, which is a stated USFS goal. Denying aboriginal influences and habitat maintenance is just more of the same old US Govt genocide against Native Americans, an ongoing act for at least 4 centuries. Embedded in the government bureaucratic rule, impervious to change, the beat goes on. Hell, the Interior Dept. has been in contempt of court for more than a decade just in paying due and just bills for resource extraction royalties to the Tribes. Interior lost again in the Federal courts last year, and the money has yet to be paid. Why would they not burn down forests just because they can? They don’t pay their bills, just because who can make them?

Common sense left the table decades ago, and now governance is about posturing and bowing to momentarily popular public sentiment, and nothing more. The fops that are our leaders, the dandies from the Executive Office Bldg., prance around issuing statements and orders for no other reason than that they can and the Boss wants them to. The Progressive Left has forced oil drilling into the depths of the Gulf because they have politically declared the whole of the Atlantic Coast, the Pacific Coast, the Arctic Coast, and much of the Interior Public Domain off limits to exploration. The unintended consequence is a blowout that to now can’t be stopped. As ye sow, ye shall reap. And that is the incineration of our forests in a nutshell. It is the accepted unintended consequence of piss poor public policy made by and for a minority supported by tax forgiven money and tax avoidance rules passed to shelter the privileged class. Money talks and bullshit walks.

If you can’t see that one set of policy makers deny drilling on most of the US sovereign lands, and another allows for lax regulation of the little drilling allowed to maximize the returns for extraordinary cost of acquisition of oil, then you get what you voted for, from who you voted for. The whole of the Administration is from one party, as is the majority in both houses of legislators. The turd of responsibility is to be placed in their pocket, and how they might pawn that off on someone else, namely all involved in Gulf oil exploration, is yet to be seen. And while this dance is choreographed and orchestrated, the oncoming fire season will have an amount of Administration oversight lesser in proportion to the Gulf oil blowout fiasco’s described level of destruction as enhanced and described by a very biased media and especially television news. That they might leave the Gulf to cover a fire is doubtful. That is a news blanket over all other world affairs and happenings. The damage will be blown out of proportion (think of all the oil spilled in WWII—U-boats, surface naval warfare, merchant sinkings, oil field bombing runs like Polesti (sp?) in Romania and elsewhere. All those destroyed cities. Ever see a 2010 picture essay on Hiroshima and compare it with one of Detroit? Someone show me the ongoing environmental disasters of WWII. The only ones I can think of are US nuclear warfare sites like Hanford in Washington state, and other US bases that have had degradation of fuel and munitions spillage for half a century or more. The battlefields are farmed, and the seas are fished. We have no ongoing accountability to prove otherwise.

Therein lies the importance of WISE’s One Pager Cost Loss reporting downloadable document for wildland fire impacts. The only way to record the upcoming fire season will have to fall onto the private side of things. People outside of the media and government either record the damage, the loss, the inconvenience, the interruption of life, the health risks and consequences, all from unfought fire, or those losses and costs will be swept under the bureaucratic rug and forgotten. Not important. Gumbo and “a way of life” for Gulf watermen is more important.

Sure. Interior Sec. Salazar increased irrigation diversions in the Central Valley of California, to the detriment of salmon survival, in order to reward farm district congressmen for voting for health care, and for supporting the President, all the while the three or four Congressmen with fishers for constituents get ignored. Fish are important in the Gulf and not in California. Go figure. Same government, same people talking for the same government, and a different result and concern for the same industry because of perceived and demanded political outcomes.

The issue in the Gulf is about the survival of the Obama government and the Democrat majority in the Congress. I guess it is just whose fish is being gaffed. The issue in the forests is that nobody is watching, due to the Gulf oil diversion. Anything can and will happen this fire season. The Obama Government cannot chew gum and walk at the same time. And neither can the media. Just you watch. And record what you see as damages from fire, and record them on a One Pager.

3 Jun 2010, 2:15pm
by YPmule

“Someone show me the ongoing environmental disasters of WWII.”




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