Idaho County Wolf Disaster Declaration

On Sept. 16 the Idaho County Board of Commissioners adopted a Resolution declaring a disaster as a result of the introduction of wolves (in 1995-1996 by the US Fish and Wildlife Service).

The Resolution is [here]. It declares that wolves are causing “vast devastation of the social culture, economy, and natural resources of Idaho County” and that “public safety is compromised, economic activity is disrupted and private and public property continues to be imperiled.”

The Idaho County Board of Commissioners requested that Governor Otter issue a Disaster Proclamation declaring wolves to be a “managed predator” to be controlled, and that the State contract with the USDA Wildlife Services to eradicate wolf packs near homes, ranches, livestock, and recreation areas “by any means necessary”.

The Idaho Statesman is reporting that the Resolution uses the words “shot on site”, but that is typical MSM hyperbole. That language does not appear in the resolution. The Idaho Statesman is a trashy rag (well, if it they like to dish out hyperbole, then they ought to be able to take it).

Idaho County declares disaster over wolves

By JESSIE L. BONNER and JOHN MILLER, The Idaho Statesman, 09/16/10 [here]

BOISE, Idaho — Officials in Idaho County want Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter to declare an ongoing disaster that will allow wolves to be shot on sight, citing attacks on livestock and wildlife.

County commissioners declared a local disaster Thursday. The governor’s office was aware of the county’s move but had not seen it and couldn’t immediately comment, said Otter spokesman Jon Hanian.

“We heard about it just at the close of business today,” Hanian said. “Beyond that, I don’t have a comment about it, until we’ve had a chance to read it, review it and make sure the governor has seen it.”

Last night in a 30-minute Idaho Public TV presentation Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game Director Cal Groen and State Wildlife Manager Jon Rachael were asked about this resolution. Groen said he hadn’t seen it. Rachael admitted massive elk declines and said, “That’s not socially acceptable.”

IDFG’s involvement in wolf introductions and the devastation of Idaho elk herds is well documented [here].

Wolf populations have burgeoned in Idaho and Montana since the USFWS illegally dumped exotic Canadian gray wolves there in 1995 with the full (and illegal) complicity of state wildlife agencies such as IDFG. Wolves are in no way endangered, despite the lunatic decisions by Federal Judge Donald “Genetic Exchange” Molloy.

It remains to be seen whether Gov. Otter will heed and side with the elected representatives of Idaho County residents, or with radical jingoists from urban enclaves thousands of miles away.

17 Sep 2010, 10:44am
by Robert F.

I just today returned home from a 2 man pack trip and; elk hunt deep into the Absoroka/Beartooth wilderness for opening day of elk season (rifle). We were the only ones there in this vast expanse of wilderness.

The backcountry has been absolutely sterilized of wildlife.

For those bureaucrats who off-handedly dismiss hunters for not “hunting hard enough”, we spent 3 days on top (8,700 ft) of Buffalo Plateau above Coyote Creek north of Yellowstone NP and never heard an elk bugle nor saw any elk sign (no signs of any life - not even a rabbit). We encourage our Governors , who have a fiduciary responsibility to protect our game herds , to spend some time in the back country themselves because ONLY the most vile and corrupt politicians or clueless imbecile bureaucrats would say to the public “we are at our elk management objectives.”

The people in the predator protection rackets who did this to our ecosystem with their wolf “re” introduction should be brought to justice by whatever means necessary.

May the wolf bureaucrats spend eternity barking with the hounds of Hell for what they did to our wildlife.

17 Sep 2010, 10:47am
by Steve A.

Director Groen arrived in the Clearwater as Regional Supervisor in June, 1997, and continued to sell thousands of cow elk tags in the region despite sportsmen complaining about the terrible winter kill that past winter that IDFG denied until 1998! We guessed over 10,000 elk had died and IDFG had no idea this took place until a year and a half later.

Once again, sportsmen were well ahead of IDFG. Their incompetent and bureaucratic ways regarding the wolf issue have followed the same gross negligence pattern.

Rachael admitted “massive elk declines” and said, “That’s not socially acceptable.” Why can’t IDFG get over their distracting and unnecessary interpretation of social values and follow the Idaho law regarding hunting.

17 Sep 2010, 12:17pm
by Kelton L.

Congratulations to Idaho County and Commissioners who have enough guts to file a Wolf Disaster Declaration. Other counties will be following shortly.

All sportsmen, cattlemen, wool growers, farmers and the citizens of Idaho need to rally around Idaho County for the courage to take a stand. Wolves have been a disaster for Idaho. The federal government has breached the contract regarding wolves. Let Governor Otter know you will be supporting Idaho County and all other counties that file Wolf Disaster Declarations.

The governor has 7 days to address this disaster. If it is not addressed I believe other steps similar to Sheriff Mack in Arizona will be in the works.

It is time to take our country and states back like the founding fathers intended. Get involved and show your support!!! Great people all around this country are standing in opposition to the oppression that the federal government has inflicted on the American People. STAND NOW.

Kelton Larsen, President
Idaho for Wildlife [here]



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