29 Apr 2011, 12:36pm
Politics and politicians
by admin

The New Office of the Oregon State Bimbo

Family values took another plunge in Oregon this week when Gov. John Kitzhaber ordered that his “companion” Cylvia Hayes (not wife, they’re not married) be given a special office in the State Capitol Building.

First Lady Cylvia Hayes gets office in Capitol, briefings from Kitzhaber’s staff

By Harry Esteve, The Oregonian, April 25, 2011 [here]

SALEM -Gov. John Kitzhaber’s companion Cylvia Hayes has been given a separate office, desk and computer in the governor’s suite of offices in the state Capitol, an unusual arrangement for Oregon first ladies.

She also is getting briefings from the governor’s policy staff on issues he’s working on, another departure from past practice.

Hayes shares the office and desk on a part-time basis with Michael Jordan, the state’s chief operating officer. Jordan’s main office is in the Department of Administrative Services but he sometimes needs working space at the Capitol, said Christine Miles, Kitzhaber’s spokeswoman.

So does Hayes, who has taken on statewide hunger issues as her main project, Miles said. …

Bimbo Hayes, the Goober’s sex toy, also lives in Mahonia Hall [here], the opulent mansion built by former Goober and child rapist Neil Goldschmidt.

Kitzhaber was doing a different bimbo, one Sharon LaCroix, when he was first elected Goober in 1992. Eventually Kitz got Sharon pregnant and had to marry her. But then he divorced her soon after that and abandoned her and the rug rat.

Family values are a joke to the Ruling Elite of Oregon. Neil Goldschmidt repeatedly raped his children’s 14-year-old baby sitter when he was Mayor of Portland [here]. The girl was the daughter of one of his aides, who gladly procured her own daughter for Neil’s proclivities. The Sheriff of Multnomah County, Bernie Guisto, helped with the cover up. He was doing Neil’s wife, Margie. Eventually the rape victim turned 21 and sued Neil, who paid her $50,000 to keep quiet about it. Neil didn’t pay the Portland Oregonian newspaper, but they kept mum anyway, for “political” reasons.

Neil’s rape victim became a street junky and eventually did time in the penitentiary, but Neil went on to become Governor and then Secretary of Transportation under Clinton, another serial rapist.

Neil never did a minute of jail time for his crimes, but he did mastermind Kitzhaber’s first administration. And his new one, too. Neil and his consiglieri, Tom Imeson, ran Kitzhaber’s December 2010 transition team for Kitz’s new administration, just as they ran his first administration and Ted Kulongoski’s too [here]. Child rapist Neil Goldschmidt has run Oregon State government like a puppet master since the 1980’s.

Neil Goldschmidt and Tom Imeson are promoting a boondoggle rebuild of the I-205 Columbia River Bridge. Kitzhaber and WA Goober Christine Gregoire are pawing all over each other to oblige Neil. There are $millions in “consulting fees” and cost-overruns — excessive graft to be had by the ethically-challenged. Goldschmidt’s backroom dealings on the new bridge (Portland’s attempt to best Boston’s endless graft tunnel) actually began when Kulongoski was Goober.

And ethically-challenged they all are. State Bimbo Hayes was investigated by Oregon Atty Gen. John Kroger for sleazy dealings with state contracts. A whitewash ensued, and an expensive one, costing Oregon taxpayers close to half a $million before the investigation was swept under the Capitol rug [here].

It is interesting that Bimbo Hayes is now “concerned” with hunger in Oregon. Her “companion” and his ilk destroyed Oregon’s economy, inflicting hunger where there was none before. A quarter of the population in many rural Oregon counties are now on food stamps, in a state with a formerly abundant and healthy agricultural sector. Maybe she thinks the peasants should eat cake.

Oregon is also famous for child prostitution [here]. Much of that “trade” is run directly by the Oregon Dept. of Human Services (DHS) through their Independent Living Program [here] for minors who want to be “emancipated” from their parents. They shuck their parents with the State’s assistance, and then the State pimps them out.

Interestingly, after Kitzhaber-appointed DHS Director Gary Weeks was cashiered (during Kulongoski’s reign) for running a state-wide child prostitution ring out of his Dept, he was hired by WA Goober Gregoire to be the new Director of the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. The Dems are one big family, although a trifle short on family values.

And on and on. Current Mayor of Portland Sam Adams was caught soliciting gay sex from minors in the bathrooms of the State Capitol [here], but Portland voters elected him anyway. It’s no biggy. Everybody in Portland does it. The State Capitol Building is a hotbed of perversion. Just like in the Congressional office buldings in Wash DC. Portland is proud of being “weird” [here], although they are probably not as “weird” as San Francisco, Ann Arbor, New York City, Wash DC, and other metropoli of the Empire.

It’s the New Revolution. Ethics are made to be broken. The peasants have only one use, and that is as sex toys for the Perverted Elite. Demonstrate your loyalty and donate your own children today. Oregon’s leaders are horny as slavering dogs and need immediate gratification!

2 May 2011, 7:55am
by bear bait

I believe Neil was Transp Sec under Carter, leaving his job of Mayor of Portlandia. And then was Goobernator when he had consulted his way to a fortune. He then was elected to replace Atiyeh after his two terms. It didn’t look as bad at the time as it does now. But Goldfinger was compliant with eco-obsessives and their designs.

Oregon got what it elected, and continues to elect, and as some wag twenty millennia ago wrote, “as ye sow so shall ye reap.” You get what you plan or don’t plan. Or as the song once said “I’mmmmm leaving it all up to youuuuu.” When I think of Neil, I see Ensign Pulver’s bunk pillows from Nebraska or Iowa, wherever he was from, the implement company pillows in the minds of a Hollywood set designer “We plow deep while others sleep.” Oh, that Neil was a swinger, right? The hippy Goobenator from YewGene, and da U of O, a proud tradition of athletic success and academic decline, where the faculty is still upset Fidel Castro can’t be University President.

But that is where the average Portlandia kid goes to college, when they are not admitted to the elite schools across the country. UofO—lipstick on a pig. The first you knew Phil Knight was in the cosmetics games. Go Spoonbills…..

Reply: you are correct. Goldshit was SecTrans August 15, 1979 to January 20, 1981 under Jimmy Carter. I get the criminal perverts mixed up. They all look the same to me.



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