Trick or Treaty?

Tim Findley of Range Magazine has written lovely article about the apocalyptic kleptocrat roots of the global enviro swindle movement, entitled Trick or Treaty?: One-world socialists want to save the planet by spreading the weath and collapsing the economy. Range Magazine has generously placed the article (Sp, 2010 issue) on the Web, free for the downloading [here].

Mr. Findley is the premier rural West journalist today. Whether you agree with his investigative findings or not, you have to enjoy and admire his literary style. His musing may also be read at RangeFire [here], the new blog produced by Range Magazine.

Range Magazine [here] is an award-winning quarterly devoted to issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands, and wildlife. It has consistently great articles and great photos. I subscribe. So should you.



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