1 Mar 2009, 9:19pm
The 2009 Fire Season
by admin

Australia Fire Relief Fund

From the Wildland Firefighter Foundation [here]:

Bodie Shaw, Deputy Director of the NIFC BIA (National Interagency Fire Center Bureau of Indian Affairs) is on exchange with the Australian state fire authorities this year. He has contacted The Wildland Firefighter Foundation after witnessing the devastating fire in Australia. In his 20 some years fighting Wildland fires he has never seen fire activity like he has witnessed recently. He said towns have been burned over, many children have perished as well as firefighters. He is asking for our humanitarian help.

Australian firefighters have come to the U.S. during our fire seasons to protect our public lands and homes and it is our time to reach out and help the Australians in their time of catastrophic need. We are now accepting donations for this very purpose. Please use our regular online donation form, but be sure to mention “Australia” in the Comments section.

1 Mar 2009, 9:34pm
by Bob Z.

The US has sent 60 wildfire specialists to Australia “all from federal agencies” to help with recovery efforts:


It is too bad we can’t send them some experts (and at federal expense) from state agencies and private industry. Our federal experts have not done too well in their own forests for quite a while — what are they expected to do for Australian forests?

2 Mar 2009, 11:37pm
by Lou

Phil Maguire is back blogging on Bundarrah Days and has has much to say on the recent devastating Victoria/Australia wildfires. You can read what he says at http://bundarrahdays.blogspirit.com

2 Mar 2009, 11:41pm
by Mike

Thank you, Louise. We noticed. Posted two pieces by the indomitable Phil here:


We are very glad he’s back in the saddle, but also heartbroken at the tragedies of the Victoria fires.

Bundarrah Days is the blog of a true mountain cattleman, Phil Maguire, one the premier voices today for responsible land stewardship in Australia.



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