19 Mar 2011, 9:52pm
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Judge Allows Spring Grazing In Malheur National Forest

By David Nogueras, OPB News, March 18, 2023 [here]

A Federal judge has amended a ruling that bars livestock grazing in the Malheur National Forest. Ranchers can once again put their cattle back on Federal land this spring. But as David Nogueras reports, a final decision will depend on further environmental review.

Back in December, Judge Ancer Haggerty barred ranchers from grazing on the land because of concerns about endangered Steelhead trout.

The lawsuit was brought by the Oregon Natural Desert Association and the Western Watersheds Project.

This latest modification gives ranchers at least one more season out on the land.

Ken Holliday is a rancher in John Day. He calls the modification only a “partial victory” since four out of the 19 ranchers involved in the case still won’t be able to make use of the allotments.

Ken Holliday: “You know this was a favorable ruling for us. But we’ve just got to keep on fighting. And we will keep on fighting.”

Holliday says his family has already spent nearly $20,000 in legal fees on the case. … [more]

Note: The El Paso Corp, builders of the Ruby Pipeline, have not offered to pay the ranchers’ legal costs. The El Paso Corp did, however, gift $22 million to the Plaintiffs. See [here, here, here, here, here]

Thanks for the news tip to Julie Kay Smithson, Property Rights Research [here, here]



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