24 Nov 2010, 11:44am
Too Ludicrous For Words Tramps and Thieves
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Lame Duck Dems Screw Small Farmers, Ban Farmers Markets

Before they are kicked to the curb next January, radical anti-American Dems plan to impose fees and regulations on small farms and market gardens, effectively eliminating small farms, local commercial food production, and farmers markets. The Bill is S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act [here].

On Nov. 18th the US Senate voted to halt all debate and consider the Bill as is. The Motion to Proceed passed with 51 Dem aye votes but only 4 GOP aye votes. Six Dems and 27 GOPs voted no [here].

Q&A on S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act [here]

Q: I am hearing this bill could threaten the existence of farmers markets as we know them, and furthermore threaten pure organic foods. Thoughts?

A: Of course this is a threat to small farmers - a fee or costly series of procedures that are pocket change for a multi-million-dollar industrial food company could break the budget of a small farmer. It will not end industrial “organics”, but don’t kid yourself and think that the genuine family farmers are going to keep growing food for you if it squeezes them beyond the breaking point.

A: As the co-founder of a farmers market and co-coordinator for 14 years through 2008, I know for certain that farmers markets are endangered. The new section 418 Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Controls applies a HACCP-like plan requirement to all businesses required to register under the 2002 Bioterrorism Act.

A: Yes it will negatively impact our farm. Especially when you consider that I am being treated no differently that a larger processor (where most the problems lie) and that foreign food sources are not impacted by this legislation in the same manner.

Q: I have a small green house and about an acre of ground. I grow most all plants from seed. I sell the plants for customers to transplant to their own gardens. I also plant my own acre of ground and sell tomatos,peppers, and other produce to friends family and customers. And quite often bring produce to a farmers market. Will this bill affect me?

A: If the secretary so deems you to be defined as a small business affected by certain sections, yes. The wording is not specific but is general so that the person who occupies the post at the time the law is enacted will have the legal authority to make a definitive determination.

Q: Please clarify: will this bill prevent small farmers from selling produce without govenment regulation?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the constitutional basis for the federal government to monitor and control small farms that are not shipping product across state lines?

A: There is no constitutional provision that allows the federal government to monitor and control small farms that are engaged in local, intrastate commerce.



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