12 Jun 2010, 10:03pm
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Pacific islands not sinking from global warming

New study debunks Al Gore’s hysterical fairy tale


Of all the apocalyptic imagery summoned by global warming’s proponents, the most compelling has been the threat of coastal devastation from rising sea levels. In his best-selling work “Earth in the Balance,” Al Gore argued that the selfishness of Western industrialization would obliterate small, impoverished countries.

“Although the sea level has risen and fallen through different geological periods, never has the change been anywhere near as rapid as that now expected as a consequence of global warming,” he wrote. “… [I]sland nations like the Maldives and Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides), will be devastated if the projections made by scientists turn out to be accurate.” Mr. Gore solemnly predicted that millions of poor inhabitants would be forced to flee their homelands in a desperate bid for survival - unless we adopt his political agenda. It just isn’t so. …

According to various studies, sea levels appear to have risen about 8 inches since the year 1860, but these Pacific islands continue to prosper nonetheless. This new study attributed size differences over time to the effect of ocean swells pounding and eroding windward shorelines. On leeward sides protected from the swells, coastlines grew. In other words, nature struck a near-perfect balance, wholly unaffected by the purported evils of America’s internal-combustion engines.

So the islands aren’t sinking, the Hockey Stick has been thoroughly debunked, the Himalayas still have snow and the polar bears are alive and well. As just about every tenet in the Church of Global Warming has been debunked, it’s time for the movement’s high priest, Mr. Gore, to offer a refund to those from his flock who bought his work of fiction. … [more]

Note: coral is capable of growing six inches per year, approximately the amount sea levels have risen over the last 100 years. Since the Wisconsin Glaciation ended 15,000 years ago, sea levels have risen over 300 feet [here]. Does anybody think the Maldives and Vanatu were 300 feet above sea level 15,000 years ago? Of course they weren’t!!!! The coral reefs build those islands. As sea levels rise, the corals and the islands rise, too. As sea levels fall, the coral gets exposed, dies, and erodes, as do the islands. Those islands, because they are coral atolls, have always (well, for millions of years) been a few feet above sea level, i.e. the top of the living coral.

Al Gore is a dumbass, and anyone who believes in his “science” is a dumbass, too.



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