29 May 2010, 11:29am
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Bighorns killed after mingling with domestic sheep

Great Falls Tribune, May 26, 2023 [here]

BILLINGS (AP) — State wildlife officials killed two bighorn sheep southeast of Big Timber after the yearling lambs came in close contact with domestic sheep.

Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologists worried the lambs could carry disease from the domestic animals back to the wild herd.

Biologist Justin Paugh of Big Timber says a rancher saw the bighorn sheep in his herd and contacted the department. After confirming the animals had been in close contact, the bighorns were shot Monday evening and their carcasses taken to the FWP laboratory in Bozeman.

The agency says wild sheep cannot fend off some diseases carried by domestic sheep, any potential infections could affect an entire herd.

Note: Montana officials kill two bighorn sheep because they interacted closely with domestic sheep and officials were afraid they would carry disease back to the wild sheep and infect them. Three years ago the game managers had removed all the domestic sheep permittees out of the area where they had introduced bighorns and now three years later they have allowed wolves to colonize the same area where they move freely among domestic sheep, cattle, and bighorns. How goofy is that? — Sharon B.

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