13 May 2010, 10:44am
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Hurricane forecaster predicts a top 10 season

by John Kelly, Examiner.com, May 12, 2023 [here]

The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season may rival some of the worst in history with meteorological conditions mirroring the 2005 season, the record-breaking year that spawned the Mississippi/New Orleans devastating hurricane named Katrina.

According to Accuweather.com’s chief hurricane meteorologist, Joe Bastardi, not only will it be a very active hurricane season ahead, but it could even rank in the top 10 most active seasons.

Bastardi is predicting a total of 16 to 18 named storms this season.

If this prediction comes to past, the 2010 hurricane season will rank in the top 10 with only 8 years in 160 years on record with seasons of 16 or more named storms.

He also predicts the season will begin early and remain active well into the month of October.

He cited a rapid warming of the Gulf of Mexico and the collapsing El Nino pattern for the heightened forecast activity. Both situations were characteristic of the busy 1998 and record-setting 2005 hurricane seasons. … [more]

Note: In this day and age there are flurries of weathercasters. Most are no better than coin flippers, but Joe Bastardi is a real pro with a track record of accurate forecasts. If you live in hurricane country, batten down the hatches.



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