13 Apr 2010, 8:18am
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Floridians Mind-Boggled By Cold

Weird winter weather creates struggle for some Everglades wildlife, other species thrive

[Note: if it's unusually cold it's weather; if it's hot, that's climate]

By ERIC STAATS, NaplesNews.com, April 10, 2010 [here]

NAPLES — The water tables have turned at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary this winter.

“To think of where we were, and then now, it’s unbelievable,” the sanctuary’s manager Ed Carlson said. “It boggles our minds.”

Water gauges at the sanctuary’s Lettuce Lake had bottomed out this time last year, but now the lake, at about 3 feet deep, has more water in it than it did at the end of last year’s rainy season.

The rhythm of the rain at the natural wonderland off Immokalee Road in northern Collier County is off a beat or two _ and it’s thrown off Mother Nature’s timing.

All over South Florida, the winter of weird weather has made its mark.

Wading birds: Cold and hungry

Thousands of wading birds have foregone nesting this year throughout the northern Everglades, South Florida Water Management District senior scientist Mark Cook said.

“Perhaps they’re just too hungry to be sitting on their nests,” he said. … [more]

Note: If Floridians get any stupider Gaia may need to drown them as an act of mercy.



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