30 Mar 2010, 4:33pm
Latest Wildlife News Too Ludicrous For Words
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3,000 Wolves in Minnesota

Predator’s comeback is an inspiring success.

Editorial, Minneapolis -St. Paul Star Tribune, March 25, 2023 [here]

The gray wolf, a stirring icon of Minnesota’s north country, is back. Returning with the majestic predator is the question whether the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources should manage the state’s wolf population, now estimated at about 3,000. Two previous attempts to normalize the wolf’s status were reversed due to lawsuits. This time, management should stay with the state.

Along with providing more-flexible rules for balancing protection of the wolf against protection of property, restoring state management would also constitute a symbol as inspiring in its way as the wolf itself — a symbol of how splendidly wildlife protection can work. …

Not every animal stirs the imagination as the gray wolf does. During tough economic times, especially, it will be tempting for some to choose jobs or economic development over endangered species. … [more]

Note: Spendid, just splendid. Stirs the imagination, which is what irrupting predator populations do. Let’s go for 30,000.

Note2: Over the past year Minnesota has lost almost 30,000 manufacturing jobs, or more than 8.5 percent of its manufacturing job base. Almost 90 percent of the producer job losses were among durable goods manufacturers. For the second quarter of 2010 minimal manufacturing job gains and very modest overall job gains are expected. [here]



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