19 Feb 2010, 10:27pm
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EPA, Countering Critics of Greenhouse Gas Findings, Says ‘Science Is Settled’

by Molly Henneberg, FOXNews.com, February 19, 2023 [here]

The Environmental Protection Agency, responding complaints about its December findings about the threat of greenhouse gases, issued a statement Friday saying that the “science is settled” and “greenhouse gases pose a real threat to the American people.”

The statement comes after after Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed a petition with the EPA and a challenge in federal appeals court over the EPA’s conclusions.

With climate scientists in the hot seat recently over an e-mail scandal and mistakes in a prominent U.N. report, Cuccinelli argues the EPA should “restart the process and this time use rigorous, defensible science.”

He says the EPA is expected to announces measures to cap carbon emissions, based on its climate change findings, and that will put a “staggering burden” on Virginia residents and businesses.

The EPA says it is going forward with “common sense measures that are helping to protect Americans from this threat” and said its critics are trying to “stall progress.” … [more]

Note: Twenty-six lawsuits and legal petitions have been filed against the EPA and their CO2 endangerment finding. The EPA’s defense is as pathetic as a kitten thrown into a shark pool. Advice to the squeamish: turn away and don’t look — the lawyerly feeding frenzy is going to be brutal and bloody.



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