22 Jan 2008, 5:08pm
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No Consensus on Global warming

By John Coleman, KUSI-TV Meteorologist, San Diego

If you tell a lie often enough, everyone will believe it. That’s an old saving. But I fear that its essentially true. And, it is the heart of the problem I face opposing the Global Warming frenzy.

Thousands of news reports on radio and television and in newspapers and posted on the internet have included the phrase “there is a consensus among the 2,500 scientists that make up the UN’s IPCC on Global Warming that Global Warming is unequivocal.” Al Gore says the debate is over. And pollsters tell us that about 80% of Americans accept that man made Global Warming is a significant problem.

Well, that’s my challenge. How do I combat all that media hype and generally accepted view? This brief is my attempt to do just that.

I know that man-made global warming is not happening. I know that the research behind the Global Warming scare is flawed. I know that warming has ceased and cooling may have begun in 1999 (that’s almost ten years). And, I know THERE IS NO CONSENSUS… [more]



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