11 Dec 2007, 7:27pm
Colloquia Updates
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Titles through 18 Dec 2023

Awful Splendour: A Fire History of Canada by Stephen J. Pyne reviewed in History of Western Landscapes

Burning Banff by Stephen J. Pyne in Forest and Fire Sciences

Historical Fire Cycles in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks by Charles E. Van Wagner, Mark A. Finney, and Mark Heathcott in Forest and Fire Sciences

A New Solution To Non-Game Program Funding? by George Dovel in Wildlife Sciences

Your Political Will Does Not Mean A Damn Thing by James D. Petersen in Forest and Fire Sciences

Management of Hyperabundant Wildlife Populations in Canada’s National Parks by Parks Canada Agency in Wildlife Sciences

Holocene Temperatures and Sea Level Changes by George H. Taylor in Paleobotany and Paleoclimatology