12 Nov 2009, 10:39am
Climate and Weather
by admin

October 2009 the 3rd Coolest in Last 100 Years

From: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Climatic Data Center

Temperature Highlights - National Overview - October [here]

* The average October temperature of 50.8°F was 4.0°F below the 20th Century average and ranked as the 3rd coolest based on preliminary data.

* For the nation as a whole, it was the third coolest October on record. The month was marked by an active weather pattern that reinforced unseasonably cold air behind a series of cold fronts. Temperatures were below normal in eight of the nation’s nine climate regions, and of the nine, five were much below normal. Only the Southeast climate region had near normal temperatures for October.

* Statewide temperatures coincided with the regional values as all but six states had below normal temperatures. Oklahoma had its coolest October on record and ten other states had their top five coolest such months.

* Florida was the only state to have an above normal temperature average in October. It was the sixth consecutive month that the Florida’s temperature was above normal, resulting in the third warmest such period (May-October).

* The three-month period (August-October) was the coolest on record for three states: Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Five other states had top five cool periods: Missouri (2nd), Iowa (3rd) , Arkansas (5th) , Illinois (5th) and South Dakota (5th). Every climate division in Kansas (nine) and Nebraska (eight) recorded a record cool such period.

* For the year-to-date (January - October) period, the contiguous U.S. temperature ranked 43rd warmest. No state had a top or bottom ten temperature value for this period.

14 Nov 2009, 7:41am
by bear bait

Oh, come on!! This was just an anomaly that proves global climate change and warming!

We can’t confuse weather with climate. The world is being inundated by extra carbon dioxide and by academic consensus, we are doomed. It is time for us to surrender our worldly goods and all our freedoms to those who will protect us from the coming holocaust of global warming. Find your asbestos underwear, your personal heat shield and your deep sea diving suit so that you can harvest food from the warming ocean.

Woe is me!!! I am freezing my butt off, but I know that is just another indication of global climate change and man gone awry in the environment. Save me!!

I forgot. I am too old to ever be here when the world fries. Pass me another cold beer. The Beavers play the Dawgs today. There will be purple in Corn Valley today. And the sun will shine. Well, hell yes it will shine!!! We are, after all, in the throes of global warming and an El Nino year. Four feet of snow low in the mountains in mid November. Hmmmmm. Experience tells me that by February we will have a freezing level rise (global warming again!!), and it will rain on that snow, and in time the snow will turn to water and together with the rain muchas aqua will clog the creeks to overflowing, and viola’! a flood! A big old wet Willie Am It flood!

And FEMA will show up. The Red Cross, too. Governor Ted Do-nothing will wring his hands, have another beer, and go on a trade mission to somewhere he hasn’t visited before. Somewhere in the sun. And the climate change seers and soothsayers will pronounce on the evils of automobiles that caused this calamity, and the environmental zealots will blame the victims for living near water until summer, when they have to switch over to blaming the fire victims for living too close to forests or sage. Situation Normal in Oreygawn. Crazy and getting crazier. By design, by intent, and by preference of the barking insane Left. I will live with it. Hard to sell a house right now.



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