17 Jun 2009, 2:43pm
Climate and Weather
by admin

Baghdad Bob (and Jane) of Global Warming

This is pretty funny:

AP Baghdad Bob of Global Warming Continues Ignoring Reality

By P.J. Gladnick, NewsBusters, Media Research Center, June 17, 2023 [here]

Rising sea levels!

Sweltering temperatures!

Deeper droughts, and heavier downpours!

Hey, that looks like fun! Let me try. Here goes:

Saudi spring snowfall!

Plunging temperatures!

Frozen Australians!

One big difference in the two warnings, besides my reluctance to call for a massive government spending program, is that mine have actually been happening on a big scale recently as I reported in NewsBusters. The prior group of warnings have been issued by Seth Borenstein who is quickly earning the well-deserved reputation as the Global Warming Baghdad Bob of the Associate Press. No matter what the actual climate conditions the world is experiencing, Borenstein will continue to engage in Global Warming alarmism to the extreme.

Here is Baghdad Borenstein performing his latest act in which he uses the White House climate change report as his prop:

WASHINGTON — Rising sea levels, sweltering temperatures, deeper droughts, and heavier downpours _ global warming’s serious effects are already here and getting worse, the Obama administration warned on Tuesday in the grimmest, most urgent language on climate change ever to come out of any White House.

The story, as is typical with Borenstein, quickly slips into apocalyptic mode:

“It’s not too late to act,” said Jane Lubchenco, one of several agency officials at a White House briefing. “Decisions made now will determine whether we get big changes or small ones.” But what has happened already is not good, she said: “It’s happening in our own backyards and it affects the kind of things people care about.”

Lubchenco, a marine biologist, heads the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

In one of its key findings, the report warned: “Thresholds will be crossed, leading to large changes in climate and ecosystems.” The survival of some species could be affected, it said.

Don’t hold back, Seth. Go ahead and include the survival of the human species is at risk if we don’t spend hundred of billions on fighting global warming as many alarmists have suggested. However, how does Borenstein and others like him explain away the widespread reports during the past year of much cooler than normal temperatures? Simple. They simply ignore it as you can see in this money quote:

The document, a climate status report required periodically by Congress, was a collaboration by about three dozen academic, government and institute scientists. It contains no new research, but it paints a fuller and darker picture of global warming in the United States than previous studies.

Got that? The report contains no new research. The case is closed as far as the global warming alarmists as Borenstein is concerned. No need to pay attention to any contrary facts hidden in plain sight. Global warming has been declared an official dogma of the left and no “heresy” is allowed. Go straight to massive government programs and toss hundreds of billions of dollars on a non-existent problem. … [more]

18 Jun 2009, 7:56am
by bear bait

So you gotta wonder if the people who came here to Oregon along the coast when the ocean was 300 feet shallower than it is now were told that their campfires and other burning were going to foment a warming and the ocean would cover their settlements and camp sites? And they did. So what? We learn that the climate changes, and the water goes up and down. I guess we live with it. As for the US Climate, why should I get about on a bike or an electric roller skate disguised as a very small automobile, when the Chinese are not regulating any part of their contributions, which are enormous. Will they change because the liberals in the US, the people who can’t quite get a handle on the financial world that has become 30% of our GDP, tell them to while they deficit spend us to perdition? Not likely.

PIssing into the wind. That is American policy. And when the wind changes, they take credit for their dry shoes. Enough, already!!!



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