6 Apr 2010, 8:43pm
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Backdoor Energy Tax

Investor’s Business Daily, 04/05/2023 [here]

Pollution Control: From cars to coal mines, the imposition of economy-killing restrictions is under way. Are the new EPA regulations on auto emissions the precursor to regulating carbon dioxide by executive order?

In announcing the Environmental Protection Agency’s first regulations on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from cars, Administrator Lisa Jackson has promised they won’t be the last such rules stemming from the EPA’s “endangerment finding” that carbon dioxide, six pounds of which every human being exhales every day, is a dangerous pollutant.

“These are the first regulations that cover greenhouse gas emissions in the United States,” Jackson told reporters in a conference call last Thursday. She underscored the fact that additional regulations would be forthcoming since “the Clean Air Act talks about additional regulation needed once greenhouse gas pollution is acknowledged to be exactly that.”

Under the new regulations, which begin in 2011, automakers would be required to reduce fleetwide GHG emissions each year, beginning at 295 grams of carbon dioxide per mile and culminating in a cap of no more than 250 grams per mile by the 2016 model year.

James Inhofe, R-Okla., ranking member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, said Jackson was “imposing a backdoor energy tax on consumers created by the EPA” despite the fact that Jackson admitted to him that the regulation “won’t have any meaningful climate impacts.”

“This is the initial step in EPA’s regulatory barrage stemming from the endangerment finding,” Inhofe said. … [more]



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