25 Mar 2010, 3:11pm
Too Ludicrous For Words
by admin

Las Vegas to Lead the World in Turning Off Non-Essential Lighting

City of Las Vegas, LasVegasNevada.gov, March 25, 2023 [here]

The city of Las Vegas along with other local government agencies and businesses including many major hotel / casinos have signed on to flick the switch and celebrate Earth Hour 2010, a global effort organized by the World Wildlife Fund.

On Saturday, March 27, at 8:30 p.m. Las Vegas will lead cities and countries throughout the world as individuals, businesses, government buildings, schools and major landmarks turn off non-essential lighting in what will be the largest climate event in history.

Las Vegas was selected by the World Wildlife Fund as a showcase city for 2010. Last year, Las Vegas served as a flagship city.

29 Mar 2010, 5:17pm
by YPmule

The key word is “non-essential”. My dad always said, “Turn that light out when you leave the room!” Very wise man.

However turning off the lights for a political statement vs. because its the right thing to do doesn’t set right.

Maybe we just happen to like being able to see the stars at night…



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