8 Feb 2010, 2:22pm
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Forest Service officer drives miles to issue warning about bulletin board ad

Chico Enterprise Record, February 6, 2024 [here]

U.S. Forest Service officer Paul Zohovetz detains Jeff Newman at his Chico home on Wednesday after Newman reportedly became uncooperative when Zohovetz attempted to issue him a verbal warning. Officials said Newman had violated Forest Service rules by posting a flier on a bulletin board on federal land. He was cited and released.

CHICO - A U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officer made a miles-long journey off federal property this week to warn a Chico man not to post advertisements for his business on a Forest Service bulletin board.

He then detained him after the man allegedly slammed a door in the officer’s face. …

Officials said Newman had violated Forest Service rules by posting a flier on a bulletin board near Colby Mountain in Lassen National Forest, offering a cross-country ski tuneup service.

Newman eventually came out and was detained, but continued to be less than cooperative as he complained loudly about the allegedly aggressive way Zohovetz had approached him regarding the reason for his visit.

Newman is a painter by trade and told Zohovetz he was just trying to earn a little extra money to make ends meet.

Newman, reportedly a diabetic, began to shake and convulse, then tried to pull away from Zohovetz and a Chico officer, who were forced to put him on the ground.

An insulin kit was brought to him by a friend, which Newman administered, but he remained combative. … [more]

Note: USFS law enforcement officers have nothing better to do than harass people in their own homes for putting an ad on a bulletin board? What about the Mexican Mafia dope farms that proliferate on USFS lands? What about deliberate arson by USFS employees following orders from their superiors? This is America? Strong-arm warrantless rousting in your own home by gun-packing USFS cops for violating bulletin board rules? Smokey the Fascist Pig?



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