3 Nov 2009, 5:08pm
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WA State picks moderate road to wolf recovery

by K.C. Mehaffey, Wenatchee World, Oct 16 2009 [here]

OLYMPIA — In an effort to make the gray wolf’s return to Washington more palatable to ranchers, the state is proposing what may be the most generous compensation package in the West for livestock killed by wolves.

“Wolves need two things,” said Madonna Luers, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman. “They don’t need land-use restrictions. They just need a healthy prey base, and human tolerance. So to build that, we need to reach out to the industry that is most directly impacted by this, and that is the livestock industry,” she said.

The compensation proposal is one of many plans to help wolves recover after a 70-year absence, spelled out in a 249-page draft environmental impact statement released last week.

The state will host meetings in Wenatchee and Okanogan in early November, and the public has until Jan. 8 to comment on any aspect of the proposal before the state develops and adopts a final plan next year.

Four alternatives, including no action, are explored. The state’s proposal is a middle-of-the-road plan compared with two other alternatives — one with a greater emphasis on protection, and one that allows more lethal control when wolves kill livestock or reduce deer and elk herds. … [more]



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