7 Oct 2009, 1:28pm
by admin

Earliest Snow Day in Blaine Co. History

by Alyson Oüten, Wood River Valley News, October 7, 2023 [here]

BELLEVUE — Just one week ago, we were bracing for a “cool down” from the 80s to the 60s.

Now, it’s getting downright wintry. And in some parts of our viewing area, snow is piling up.

This may be one for the record books, not only how early this heavy fall snowstorm is, but the fact that it appears to have created the earliest snow day in the history of the Blaine County [Idaho] School District.

“We got dumped on last night, you can see that by looking around here. We weren’t quite ready for it. It did cause us some issues in the school district,” Lonnie Barber, Blaine County Superintendent.

Not just the school district, but throughout the county. At least 3,500 Idaho Power customers in the Wood River Valley were without electricty today. Utility officials blame heavy wet snow for knocking out power in Bellevue and Hailey. Outages were also reported in Fairfield and Carey.

Since the trees haven’t had time to shed their leaves, the snow accumulated and burdened the branches to their breaking point. Many of which landed on power lines. … [more]



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