7 Jan 2009, 11:30am
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by admin

Opposition Rising to IDFG Fee Increases

Save Our Elk: Urgent Call to Action [here]

After years of Mismanagement, Fraud and Abuse, the Idaho Fish and Game is asking for a Fee Increase.  The issue is coming up for vote in January and we need to voice our opinion that we, as sportsment do not take kindly to our fees, which should be directed to fish and game type issues, going to anything but!

Now is the time to Voice Opposition to the proposed Idaho Fish and Game 20-30% fee increase

The Idaho Fish and Game is making an outrageous request of the Idaho Legislature to approve a 20-30% fee increase.  Timing couldn’t be worse-this bloated fee increase comes as our state is facing the worst recession in years. Our Governor has ordered State agencies to tighten their belts and reduce spending by 4-7%. What gives the IDFG the right to expect a ridiculous fee increase when other state agencies are facing layoffs and cutbacks? The IDFG is acting like a spending “prima donna” and for some reason they believe they should not demonstrate the same spending discipline as other state agencies.  The legislature must tell the IDFG to hold the line on fees and consider CUTTING its budget the same as all other state agencies. It is outrageous that the IDFG is vain enough to even consider making this bloated, ridiculous fee increase request, and shows just how out of touch this department has become with the sportsman and citizens of Idaho.  Call or write your local representative today and voice your opposition to their requested 20-30% fee increase.

15 Jan 2009, 10:55am
by Paul M.

Do you know when the legislature is supposed to hear this matter? I definitely would like to write the congressmen and voice my opposition if its not too late. I think you are “right on” and I have a few ideas of my own I could offer.

15 Jan 2009, 11:39am
by Mike

Please see Corruption, Featherbedding, and Looting the Idaho Treasury [here]. Another discussion about this issue will be posted at Wildlife and People shortly (today if I get to it).



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