4 Apr 2008, 1:19am
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Scientists: Tahoe Wolverine not from state

San Francisco Chronicle, Thursday, April 3, 2023

The mysterious wolverine captured in photographs from a remote camera in the Tahoe National Forest is not a native of California or Washington, U.S. Forest Service scientists revealed Wednesday.

A DNA analysis of scat collected near where the feisty predator was photographed last month revealed that the animal is a male that shares genetic traits with wolverines in the Rocky Mountains, but it was not clear exactly where it came from or how it got to California.

“This is just one gene we’ve looked at and this one is most prevalent in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, but it can also be found in lower portions of Canada and Alaska,” said Michael Schwartz, a research ecologist and the genetics team leader for the Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Research Station in Missoula, Mont.

“While we can’t rule everything out, we know that this type never occurred in the historical California population and it does not occur in the contemporary Washington cascade population,” he said.

Cameras set up in the forest north of Truckee last month twice captured images of the wolverine, which some speculated could have descended from the historic population that once roamed the Southern Sierra Nevada.

The last documented California wolverine was killed off around 1922. Despite several reported sightings over the years, many believe the California wolverine is extinct.

The new findings do not shed much light on where the wolverine that was photographed came from or how it ended up in Tahoe. The nearest known resident population is about 600 miles northeast in Idaho’s Sawtooth Range.

“I don’t think I want to speculate at this point,” Schwartz said.

Wolverines have been known to travel great distances, but the farthest any particular animal has been documented going is 235 miles, Schwartz said.

The other possibility, Schwartz said, is that the wolverine was a pet or captive that was released into the Tahoe National Forest. … [more]

4 Apr 2008, 1:22am
by Mike

I smell a fraud. No wolverine walked to Lake Tahoe from Idaho. Nobody keeps pet wolverines. This animal was deliberately trapped, transported, and dumped, and most likely by a government wildlife biologist.

Remember the lynx hair fraud? If not, see here:




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