2 Sep 2008, 6:15pm
by admin

Burnside Fire

Location: 6-8 Miles W of Woodfords, Alpine Co. CA

Specific Location: 15 mi S of South Lake Tahoe, Burnside Lake Road, Humboldt-Toiyabe NF, Lat 38° 45´ 29″ Lon 119° 55´ 23″

Date of origin: 08/31/2008 (First official report 09/01)
Cause: Under investigation


On 09/01 an air tanker with three crew aboard crashed upon takeoff from Reno Airport. There were no survivors.  Names of the deceased have not been released. See [here].


Situation as of 09/01/2024 at 10:00 PM
Personnel: 183
Size: 204 acres
Percent contained: 50%

Costs to Date: not updated

Start date corrected to 8/31. Evacuations have been lifted at local resorts, campgrounds and private residences. Fire behavior is less erratic now that the cold front has passed. Progress was made today on the fire due to favorable weather and air support (2 Air Tankers, 4 Helicopters).


Situation as of 08/31/2008 at 10:00 PM
Personnel: 183
Size: 100 acres
Percent contained: 5%

Costs to Date: $500,000

Structures Threatened: 150 residences , 2 commercial buildings , 10 outbuildings

Advisory evacuations of the Sorenson and Hope Valley Resorts, as well as campgrounds and nearby residences were accomplished. Structure protection is in place in the Resort areas and in residential areas. An emergency evacuation center has been set up at the Diamond Valley School east of Woodfords.

Political sensitivity is a priority with local residents due to the past history of the Acorn Fire.

Note: The Acorn Fire of 1987 burned 6,600 acres and destroyed 24 homes in Woodfords, CA, near the Nevada state line. The federal government later paid $1.7 million to those who lost their homes, acknowledging mistakes were made in fighting the fire. - Ed

Red Flag level gusty and erratic winds caused running and spotting today. A cold front is moving over the area will continue to cause windy conditions tomorrow. Gusty and erratic winds caused short fire runs and crowning. Spotting was observed 75 to 100 feet ahead of the main fire.

Note: The 7/31 start date seems in error. Will check. - Ed



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