29 Nov 2010, 10:59am
Commentary Updates
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Commentary Updates

SOS Forests

Ripping Up History

Machu Picchu of the Umpqua

Public Comment Period Extended On Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Plan

Three More Decades of a Cooling Planet

Four New Colloquia Posts

Oregon State Budget $5 Billion In the Hole

Environmental Issues: What’s real and what’s nonsense?

Dry Cow

Wildlife and People:

Idaho Wolf Encounter

IDFG Joins the Wildlands Project

USFWS Rejection of Wyoming Wolf Management Plan Ruled Arbitrary and Capricious

Otter: Wolf saga is tale of broken promises

The Secret World Inside the Animal Rights Agenda — Part One

Stop the Wolf Madness

USFWS  Responds to ID Gov Otter

Otter Tells Salazar: Take Your Wolves, Please

RM Grey Wolves Genetically Connected

News From the Salmon Front:

Record Fall Chinook Run Occurring

Record Sockeye Run in B.C.

Sockeye salmon run sets record for Columbia River

Record Salmon Return Explained

Summer Salmon Report July 25th

Another Bubbleheaded Salmon Lawsuit

Spring Chinook Report June 2nd

Spring Chinook Report April 30th

22 Nov 2010, 10:24am
Colloquia Updates
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Recent Titles

Pre-Columbian agricultural landscapes, ecosystem engineers, and self-organized patchiness in Amazonia by Doyle McKey, Stephen Rostain, Jose Iriarte, Bruno Glaser, Jago Jonathan Birk, Irene Holst, and Delphine Renard in History of Western Landscapes

The Columbian Encounter and the Little Ice Age: Abrupt Land Use Change, Fire, and Greenhouse Forcing by Robert A. Dull, Richard J. Nevle, William I. Woods, Dennis K. Bird, Shiri Avnery, and William M. Denevan in History of Western Landscapes

Nataraja: India’s Cycle of Fire by Stephen J. Pyne in History of Western Landscapes

Stand Reconstruction and 200 Years of Forest Development on Selected Sites in the Upper South Umpqua Watershed by Mike Dubrasich in Forest and Fire Sciences