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Colloquia Updates
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Titles through 27 February 2023

Defining, Identifying, and Protecting Old-Growth Trees by Mike Dubrasich in Forest and Fire Sciences

The Benefits of Forest Restoration by Mike Dubrasich in Restoration Forestry

The Fictional Ecosystem and the Pseudo-science of Ecosystem Management by Travis Cork III in Forest and Fire Sciences

The Alseya Valley Prairie Complex, ca. 1850: Native Landscapes in Western GLO Surveys by Bob Zybach in History of Western Landscapes

Variations in the Earth’s Orbit: Pacemaker of the Ice Ages by J. D. Hays, John Imbrie, N. J. Shackleton in Paleobotany and Paleoclimatology

The History of Fire in the Southern United States by Cynthia Fowler and Evelyn Konopik in History of Western Landscapes

A Qualitative Study with the Eastern Band of Cherokee and Southern Appalachian Community Members by Nicolette Cooley in Restoration Forestry

How far could a squirrel travel in the treetops? A prehistory of the southern forest by Paul B. Hamel and Edward R. Buckner in History of Western Landscapes

The Danger of Wolves to Humans by Mikhail P. Pavlov in Wildlife Sciences