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Titles through 31 August 2023

U.S. Wildfire Cost-Plus-Loss Economics Project: The “One-Pager” Checklist by  Bob Zybach, Michael Dubrasich, Gregory Brenner, and John Marker in Forest and Fire Sciences

The Complexities of State Management of Wildlife Under Federal Laws by Randy Budge in Wildlife Sciences

An Asian origin for a 10,000-year-old domesticated plant in the Americas by David L. Erickson, Bruce D. Smith, Andrew C. Clarke, Daniel H. Sandweiss, and Noreen Tuross in History of Western Landscapes

Initial formation of an indigenous crop complex in eastern North America at 3800 B.P. by Bruce D. Smith and Richard A. Yarnell in History of Western Landscapes

Impacts of California Wildfires on Climate and Forests: A Study of Seven Years of Wildfires (2001-2007) by Thomas M. Bonnicksen in Forest and Fire Sciences