Best Coyote Hunting Lights


If you love the rush of hunting coyotes at night, then you’ll know that you need to make sure that you are fully prepared and kitted out ready for your night time adventures! 

Besides needing a gun and suitable clothing, every good hunter knows that stealth is key, so it should go without saying that you simply can’t just use any old flashlight that will scare your potential prey away, right?

In order to successfully hunt coyotes, you need a hunting-friendly light that has been specifically created to help you easily spot game without scaring them away. 

Coyote hunting lights tend to make use of a ‘red light’ feature as these animals are not able to see this color very well, meaning that you’ll have more time to make a great shot. Success!

But, which is the right light for you? If you’re stuck on what to go for, don’t worry: we’re going to be going through the best coyote lights on the market, as well as going into more detail about what criteria to look out for in our buyer’s guide. 

So, sit back, relax and prepare to find the perfect lighting companion for your nighttime expeditions: coyote hunting approved.

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Our Pick

Second to none, this Orion hunting light is one of the brightest lights you can buy and ensures that you will be able to spot coyotes with ease during the night (without the coyotes noticing) it’s red light means that the coyotes won’t spot you, so you can take your time in order to make a successful shot.

Plus, with its adjustable brightness feature, you will be able to hunt in darkness with complete visibility, while its ability to reach a far distance means that you will be able to see coyotes both near and far.

Here is a quick summary on what this impressive light offers:

  • Red light
  • 700 lumens
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • 3 brightness settings
  • Can reach up to 377 yards

Best Coyote Hunting Lights - Comparison Table

Best Coyote Hunting Lights - Reviews

With a beam strength of 700 lumens, and with the ability to reach up to 377 yards comfortably, it should come as no surprise that the M30C 377 Yards 700 Lumen Red slots itself in at the very top of our roundup!

Extremely portable and offering complete convenience, you have the option of switching up  its default handheld style and swapping it out to easily fit onto your gun scope or barrel, which would allow you to use both hands.

Not only that, you have the choice of 3 different brightness settings for your hunt. Another useful added extra is that this light comes complete with  two sets of batteries which is handy in case you need a backup one while you're out or you find yourself in an emergency situation.


  • Water resistant
  • Red or green option, so you have the option to hunt other animals such as hogs
  • It is able to withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures


  • A little heavier than other hunting lights, which may slow you down while hunting on foot

Another superb option worth your consideration is the Nitecore P30. Specifically created to provide visibility over longer distances, this flashlight comes with a really powerful light emitter that can provide 1000 lumens of light over the distance of up to 676 yards. 

The result? Crystal clear visibility over a large range of distance while hunting. 

Packing a punch, the P30 also features five different brightness options which allows you to tailor your light level depending on your specific situation, while also offering the option of attaching it to your rifle so that you have both hands free. 

If that wasn’t impressive enough, a dual-switch interface offers precise control and ease-of-use, while a running time of 680 hours, paired with a long range beam throw, ensures that the P30 will deliver light until you say so.

An added advantage of a pressure switch really sets this light unit apart from the rest, as it means that you can turn on the light at the exact moment that you need visibility of a certain area. Before you leave, why not check out our best traps for coyote guide - and see what our top picks are.


  • Lightweight to make transportation as easy as possible
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Exceptional battery life


  • Some users have found that the red light option decreases the amount of distance

Versatile and great for hunting coyotes, the Odepro Zoomable Hunting Flashlight is a great option for hunting coyotes and can double up as a floodlight to offer maximum illumination of your surrounding areas. 

Depending upon your personal preference, this flashlight comes with four color options to help you get the most out of your hunting experience (we recommend going for red for coyotes) but other options include green, white and an IR850nm light. Each has been included for various different purposes, such as scoping an area or locating targets. The great thing about these color options are how easy they are to switch and swap out - so don’t worry about any fuss or faff.


  • The flashlight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure maximum durability
  • It is water-resistant and shock-resistant
  • The kit comes with multiple mounts so you can easily attach it to a rifle or another accessory of your choice, like the scope


  • Some users have experienced the battery running down quicker than they would like

Calling all looking for an affordable coyote hunting light that offers premium features: the Vastfire Predator Light LED Hunting Flashlight is a great contender that gets our seal of approval! 

Why? Well, it comes with three LED bulb modules in colors, green, red and white. Though red is the best bet when it comes to hunting coyote, you may find the other color modules helpful (for example, the white light will provide bright illumination to scope an area). 

Another great advantage of bulb modules (as opposed to a filter or a lense) is that each bulb color option will not compromise any brightness.

The perfect hunting partner, Vastfire Predator Hunting Flashlight features aircraft grade aluminum (so you know that it’s going to withstand all types of conditions and then some) as well as offering a wide beam that will light up large ranges of land, with the added ability to aim with precision thanks to its hotspot precision in the center.


  • Comes with two packs of rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Compatible with mounting scopes
  • Water resistant


  • Some users find that the green and red light modules compromise on distance

Last up in our roundup is the WINDFIRE S10 Flashlight. Providing 650 lumens of unfiltered red light across a distance of up to 300 yards, you will be able to easily focus its red beam directly on the game (near or at a distance) without spooking or disturbing them.

It is a strictly red light flashlight, making it simple to use, while its aviation-grade aluminium exterior is made to last and ensures resistance against scratches and impacts. Plus, thanks to it being water resistant, you can use it in all types of weather conditions, including heavy rain!

Designed to make your hunting experience as streamlined as possible, this flashlight features a temporary ‘on/off’ pressure switch for instant visibility of a certain area, as well as being compatible with scope mounts.


  • Comes with a handy recharge kit, a rechargeable battery and a smart charger
  • 650 lumens
  • Waterproof


  • Red light only, some may find that they need to take another white light flashlight in order to get clear visuals of their surroundings

Best Coyote Hunting Lights - Buyers Guide

Things To Consider When Buying A Good Predator Hunting Light

There are many things to consider when choosing what kind of coyote light is right for you! Luckily for you, we’ve created a ​breakdown of the most important things to consider when looking to purchase a good night coyote light:

Range / Brightness

No matter what your hunting skill level, it’s really important that you find a light that can ​comfortably ​handle the range that you are hunting at. Generally, you're probably not going to be shining the beam past 300 yards, (most predator hunters use them ​from 100-200 yards). 

So, if a model shines up to 300 yards as a scanning light then that should be more than safe for spotting coyote at night

One thing to note is that, if you find 300 yards is not bright enough for you​, then you may not be at a ​reasonable enough range to make a safe kill. To figure out what the right distance is, check out the brightness and lumens of each model ​​reviewed above on our list.

The Color of Beam

When it comes to coyote hunting, you’ll find that red is your best bet, though some hunters do sometimes pick the color green. Our reviews of the top 5 models on the market above all feature red lights as this is the most suitable color (coyotes are least sensitive to this color). 

However, a color you may not want to use when directly shining a light on coyotes is white, as this color can easily spook them.

​Battery Life

Luckily, you’ll find that most models come with rechargeable batteries when you purchase them, however, some of the cheaper models require you to purchase batteries ​separately. 

We recommend familiarising yourself with the running time of your batteries (whether they are rechargeable or not) and taking back ups with you in case of an emergency.

Design Quality

When it comes to hunting, you’re going to want something that's sturdy and can take a little bit of wear and tear here and there. Therefore, we have made sure that our picks have all these qualities and are designed to stand the test of time.  

In our opinion, cheaper lights that you will find on the market won't make it through more than a few coyote hunting trips, so bear this in mind when deciding whether to spend that little bit extra on a coyote hunting light.


It’s really important to set and define a budget so that you can find the very best coyote hunting light for you within your price point.Though our list typically has higher-priced lights, we have ensured that ​these are the very best nighttime coyote lights that money can buy on the market, as well as ensuring that they are worth ​the money. 

We have done our best to bring a variety of excellent models in this review at different price points, so that you can make the best choice for you and your night time hunting excursions!

Tips and tricks for hunting with a coyote light:

  1. First up,aim the light slightly above the coyote’s head. With a good enough red light, you will be able to catch the glint of the coyote’s eyes without alerting them of your presence.

  2. This is important: be aware of your surroundings! By visiting the grounds in the day, you can check for not only a good place to use as base,  but also be made aware of any potential dangers.

  3. Communicate with those around you! If you are  near someone’s land, or in a new place, the people that live in the area are likely to have the best information on where the coyotes are. Hunting with friends? Just make sure you all know which angels you’re taking shots from and where everyone is aiming their rifle - safety comes first!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is red the best hunting light for Coyotes?

While it is possible to hunt with any color of your choice,  red lights are ​the most efficient for hunting coyotes for a number of good reasons.

A red light is mellow (meaning that it won’t detract from your natural night vision too much). If you have to take time to get your night vision back each time you want to scan the area, chances are you’re going to miss the chance to make a successful shot.

Coyotes are predators, meaning that they will carefully scan their area to make sure that they are safe and away from danger.  A green ​beam casts a more visible shadow of the surroundings that we think may give the coyote a chance to escape.

However, red light is much less visible and less reflective (the last thing we want is the light to be reflecting back onto you!) Red light is less harsh, casts less of a reflection to keep you well-hidden and provides you with time to make a good, clean kill.

Ultimately? Your best chance of spotting these stealthy creatures is to look out for the glints of their eyes. While a green light will give you better distance vision, using a red light really makes the eye reflection stand out - which will give you a distinct advantage when hunting coyotes.


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